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photography tips

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It’s February 29, 2024. Happy Leap Day, friends! Do you know where Little Leapling Photography got its name and what it has to do with Leap Day? Read on for the story, all about the mascot, and a special Leap Day question and answer session with my daughter, Kaia, who my business is named for! […]

Leap Day | Little Leapling Photography

Cake Smash, Personal

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Why don’t I want to go viral? Simply put, my viral experience was overwhelming, exhausting, scary, and completely out of my control. It’s February 3, 2024. While this date also marks the birth of my business, my divorce, and several other big milestones in my life, going viral had a big impact on me. My […]

Why I Don’t Want to Go Viral…Again


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In addition to consistently high quality images, a great experience, and amazing customer support, one of the top reasons clients say they keep coming back, is for the professional photo editing I provide. Whether you are getting your family photos through the TEKimages sister company, Little Leapling Photography, or pumping yourself up for some empowering […]

Professional Photo Editing | TEKimages


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Today, January 7, 2024, is my 10 year mastectomy anniversary! I’ll add more to the post soon, but for now, I want to share some fun self-portraits! I took these in my home studio two days ago. Special thank you to my dear friend, Courtney Hochman, who gifted me the awesome crocheted boobies! Learn more […]

10 Year Mastectomy Anniversary


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You’re probably wondering what a flathlete is. Considering I just came up with the word and couldn’t find so much as a hint of it on Google, I’m going to claim it as a Tammy original. I am a flathlete. I am defining flathlete as someone who became an athlete after mastectomy and “going flat”. […]

Flathlete | International Flat Day


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Your safe and healthy baby is my number one priority. Pretty much everything you do during pregnancy and after birth is focused on keeping your baby safe and healthy. It can be months before your little one’s immune system has a fighting chance against some illnesses. Even before COVID arrived, I was extra careful not […]

Healthy Baby | Kansas Newborn Photographer


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Gift cards for professional photography could be one ofthe best ways to say I love you to someone special! Little Leapling Photography has you covered! I love when I’m contacted with the request to purchase a gift card for a friend or family. I cannot think of a better gift to give someone at any […]

Gift Cards | Manhattan, KS Photography

Children, Family, Maternity, Newborn

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When you think of sports photography, your mind most likely goes straight to college and professional sports like football and basketball. While some sports might not require a fast shutter speed, the photographer still needs to know the rules of the game and what to expect to get the best shots. You can take the […]

Sports Photography | Manhattan, KS


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Your picture perfect party doesn’t necessarily mean every detail of your celebration was flawless. What it means is every detail was documented beautifully by your photographer. Because let’s be serious. What event goes 100% perfectly? What really matters is that wonderful memories were made and I love having the opportunity to photograph them. Earlier this […]

Picture Perfect Party | Manhattan, KS


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Professional wedding Photography is a high-priced investment that is worth every penny. You put seemingly endless hours of your time, energy, and money into planning this special celebration of love. Your rings and your pictures are pretty much all you’ll have to remember your wedding day when it’s all said and done. Being guaranteed high […]

Wedding Photography | Manhattan, KS