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In addition to consistently high quality images, a great experience, and amazing customer support, one of the top reasons clients say they keep coming back, is for the professional photo editing I provide. Whether you are getting your family photos through the TEKimages sister company, Little Leapling Photography, or pumping yourself up for some empowering headshots, graduation pictures, or boudoir photos, you want to know that you’re going to look your absolute best.

Every Little Leapling and TEKimages client receives an email after their photo session.

I like to check in to see how your felt about the experience. That email is a chance for me to update you on the timeline for receiving your proofing album. It’s also an opportunity to see how much editing you’d like done on your favorite pictures.


Nearly 25 years of photo editing experience

I took an Advanced Photoshop course back in 2002 and take pride in the editing mastery I’ve developed over the last 25 years. There’s really not much I CAN’T do with Photoshop. And I welcome special requests. On a very rare occasion, I may need to charge a little extra for my time, but I want my clients happy and that includes the top notch professional editing you’ve come to expect from the best photographers.


What does Professional Photo Editing include?

By default, my portrait editing includes skin softening, minimizing wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, and removing temporary imperfections. That can be dry skin, redness, a scratch, bruise, pimple, etc. If you’d like a more natural and raw look, just let me know! The edits I do are nothing a great makeup artist can’t achieve.


Unless the beautiful wind blown look adds to the image, I always minimize any flyaways.

Ideally, you will iron your outfits before your session, but I will always do my best to correct any distracting clothing wrinkles, pet hair, lint, or other wardrobe malfunctions. That might be a bra strap showing, a flipped collar, or anything else that catches the eye.


I strive to create emotion in every image even those traditionally dull branding photos. It’s all about creating impact and connection even with a solo subject.


If there are any background distractions, I will remove or blend them in so the eyes are drawn straight to yours.

Editing to remove background distractions.

While some may poo poo body sculpting, getting consistent results with perfect poses takes lots of time and makes most people feel pretty awkward. It also takes away from the fun atmosphere and seamless flow to your photo session. I like to include lots of movement and catch those in between shots that capture your personality. While I’m happy to spend more time on poses, I’m also skilled at making up for the lack of rigid posing practices in Photoshop. I want your images to look natural. I’ll let you know if your editing request will cause your image to appear off in any way.


When you purchase your digital collection, there will be space for special editing requests.

This where you’ll let me know if you want something like a mole, birth mark or other permanent part of you altered. You can also request more extensive body sculpting or more complicated edits. Sometimes a phone call is easiest to communicate your request!


The more editing needed, the longer it can take to return your fully-retouched images. But, I promise I am hard at work to create a masterpiece of your lovely face. And I aim to do that without your image appearing airbrushed or otherwise over-edited.


I know you are excited to see your finished images.

I am always happy to prioritize one or two images if you need them more quickly. But, I will not rush the editing process at the expense of quality. You hired a perfectionist for a reason!


I have a professional photo editing page for Little Leapling Photography’s family sessions, too!