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unmedicated birth irwin hospital
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Amazing and fast natural birth at Irwin Hospital in Fort Riley, KS, captured by Tammy Karin of Little Leapling Photography.

Fort Riley Birth at Irwin Community Hospital


birth and newborn photographer
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One of my favorite parts of newborn sessions is being the first person to listen to a mom telling her birth story.Whether her experience was everything she’d dreamed or a traumatic one, it is an honor to be that initial audience to such a powerful story that will be told over and over. Tara’s maternity […]

Telling Her Birth Story | Little Leapling Photography

Birth, Lifestyle, Maternity, Newborn

first touch
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Every year, the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers holds a worldwide contest to discover the best birth photography!

Best Birth Photos of 2017


viral image
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Viral story about Max Hogan’s birth on the ER floor in Manhattan, KS capture by birth photographer, Tammy Karin.



birth becomes her
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It’s so exciting too see the diverse collection of birth images that get submitted to the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers each year. As the birth photography genre continuous to rapidly grow, the image entries become even more phenomenal each year. It is humbling and truly spectacular. And although this is a contest, you wouldn’t […]

IAPBP Image Contest


birth photographers
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Enjoy these sweet moments of calm surrounding the first latch and never let anyone rob you of the priceless moments you share with your child while breastfeeding.

First Latch

Birth, Nursing

Terrah Stroda
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May 5th is National Midwives Day! I’ve had the honor to work alongside and photograph some truly amazing midwives in action. I’d like to take a moment to highlight and celebrate what an asset they are to the birth community in the Manhattan area. Our Manhattan midwives are amazing! Midwives are medically-trained birth professionals who […]

Manhattan Midwives

Birth, Manhattan KS

manhattan ks birth
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Q&A with your Birth Photographer As part of a routine Question of the Day posted to Facebook, I decided to turn the spotlight around and open up the floor to my followers to ask questions related to birth photography. I love getting the opportunity to share my passion with others and hope this helps potential […]

Birth Photographer Q&A


intense contraction
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Nobody wants to forget their baby’s birthday and in this day and age when everyone has a decent digital camera at their fingertips, it’s fairly easy to designate someone to snap pictures. Good enough, right?  Is it, though? I think we all appreciate the difference between having a friend who is a decent photographer being […]

Photographer vs. Birth Photographer


c-section birth photos
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“Shooting a birth is like getting an inquiry from a bride saying that she wants you to come photograph her wedding, but isn’t going to set a date.  She’ll just call you whenever, and when you ask her how many hours of coverage she would like, she says she’s not sure, probably around 24, but […]

The Cost of Birth Photography