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Hi, I’m Tammy, your Kansas Boudoir photographer!It is time to LOVE YOU MORE and I cannot wait to work with you. When is the last time you loved a picture taken of you? A time when you truly felt strong and beautiful. When is the last time you stopped putting your needs on hold for […]

Kansas Boudoir Photography | TEKimages

Boudoir, TEKimages

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Warner Memorial Park is more of a preservation than urban park. It is located on the southwest side of Manhattan and features long trails through hills and dense trees. This park has a fantastic disc golf course and is home to cross country meets during the Fall. This is a sprawling park with beautiful tallgrass […]

Warner Memorial Park | Manhattan, KS

Manhattan KS

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Geary Lake Falls, located just south of Junction City, is one of the most beautiful spots to visit in Kansas.

Geary Falls | Junction City, Kansas

Kansas Photography, Manhattan KS

Konza Prairie Kansas-Valley-lookout-point
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Just off of Highway 177 about 3 miles south of Manhattan, the Konza Prairie Kansas Valley lookout point provides some of the best sunset views in the region. This spot is also commonly known as the Scenic Overlook. Just look off to the left side of the highway as you are heading into Manhappiness and […]

Scenic Overlook | Manhattan, KS

Manhattan KS

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Anneberg Park has a beautiful bridge, pond, and trails.

Anneberg Park | Manhattan, Kansas

Manhattan KS

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Just under the bridge coming into Manhattan, KS, the Fairmont Boat Ramp provides a great spot for pictures along the Kansas River shore. Turn onto McDowell Creek Road just south of the bridge on Highway 18/177 then take the first right. The road winds down through a beautiful wooded area and dead ends at the […]

Fairmont Boat Ramp | Manhattan, KS

Manhattan KS

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The Konza Prairie is an absolutely gorgeous locations for pictures near Manhattan, KS, but because of the walking and restrictions, it’s not a great spot for family photo sessions.

Konza Prairie | Manhattan, Kansas

Manhattan KS, Uncategorized

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What I really love about Northeast Community Park is that we can get some outstanding fall foliage without the typical distractions that are at most urban parks. There is lots of space, few other people, and a great line of big, beautiful trees. Other than the trees and playground, it tends to be pretty plain. […]

Northeast Community Park | Manhattan, KS

Manhattan KS, Uncategorized

Scenic Linear Park in Manhattan, KS
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Linear Park is on the East side of Manhattan off of highway 24. You’ll probably recognize it for the train bridge and boat ramp on the Blue River just before it merges with the Kansas River. It’s such a beautiful spot for pictures! I love this location for the variety of backdrops including the train […]

Linear Park | Manhattan, Kansas

Manhattan KS

Beautiful creeks in Manhattan KS
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Whether you are looking for a location with lots of trees, water, beautiful Fall colors, Wildcat Park is a fantastic spot in Manhattan, KS for your photo session pretty much year round. There is a wide variety of rustic backdrops at Wildcat Park. But, even if we were to just stay on the main path […]

Wildcat Park | Manhattan, Kansas

Manhattan KS