Scenic Overlook | Manhattan, KS

Konza Prairie Kansas-Valley-lookout-point

Just off of Highway 177 about 3 miles south of Manhattan, the Konza Prairie Kansas Valley lookout point provides some of the best sunset views in the region. This spot is also commonly known as the Scenic Overlook. Just look off to the left side of the highway as you are heading into Manhappiness and you will see the stone visitor area. It is very easy to get to, but you won’t be alone when the sky is showing off. A beautiful sunset will draw quite a few people!


While I highly recommend you stop at this lookout point to enjoy the view, it’s not a great place for a photo session. There isn’t much space to explore and there is very little shade. When there are other people hanging out, it can be pretty difficult to keep them out of your photos.

I have only done a handful of photo sessions at the Scenic Overlook. But, I have stopped there many times on my way back from Kansas City or Topeka to enjoy the stunning view while the sun sets over the beautiful Konza Prairie.


I know I have more sunset pictures at this location somewhere. But, I don’t have the time to dig them up right now. I’ll try to add some soon!

For now, enjoy some of the client sessions from up on this glorious lookout point!


Beautiful maternity session up at the Scenic Overlook.


We headed up to the Konza Scenic Overlook for some wedding portraits just before sunset.


The Konza Prairie Biological Station up McDowell Creek Road is another great place to catch a beautiful prairie sunset. But, it requires quite a bit more walking. One of my favorite locations to take clients who want sunset pictures and a prairie backdrop is up on Top of the World Drive at Marlatt Park on the northwest side of Manhattan.

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