Konza Prairie | Manhattan, Kansas


If you haven’t gone on a hike across those stunning tallgrass-covered hills of the Konza Prairie, you are really missing out. It is heavenly!


When I moved to Kansas from California, I expected nothing but flat fields of corn. But, my goodness was I wrong! The Flint Hills is breathtaking. The hills and tallgrass provide year round beauty and we get some of the most amazing sunsets.


I could spend all day breathing in the fresh air and stunning landscape. And honestly, sometimes it takes all day to enjoy the views. There is quite a bit of walking!


While the Konza Prairie Nature Trails provide some of the most beautiful views in our region, it actually isn’t a great place for family pictures.

They are very strict about staying on the trails to protect the plants and wildlife. That limits our ability to get a variety of poses and great angles. Sometimes we have to get creative! We end up having to walk pretty far to get to the good views. And the flow of the photo session is often interrupted by other people enjoying the trails. I prefer to take my families to Marlatt Park if they are wanting that Kansas prairie feel to their photos without all of the obstacles and extra walking. Even if you are fine with the distance, that really eats into our time for picture-taking.


That said, it is a great location for those high school seniors or even couples who are up for the added adventure and the extra time it takes to pull off this Kansas treasure.


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