Geary Falls | Junction City, Kansas


Geary Falls just south of Junction City is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Kansas. You’ll find directions, tips, and lots of pictures on this page!


I have visited the 35 foot tall Geary Lake Falls when the water was just a trickle and when it was absolutely roaring.

It’s a great experience either way. But, if you are hoping for that high flow experience, plan to go in the Spring after several days of heavy rain. With heavy rainfall, comes mud, so be prepared for slippery trails. I recommend wearing water shoes to navigate the muddy paths and so you can climb up into the waterfall!

As a professional photographer, I’ve taken many clients to Geary Falls for pictures. There’s a bit of walking and you definitely won’t want to bring a stroller or lug around bags. But, I absolutely love water pictures, so let me know if you are up for the adventure!


Check out some favorite pictures from this beautiful high school senior photo session at the Geary Lake waterfall.


Even if the water isn’t flowing, this is still a beautiful spot for pictures. The layers of rocks make for an incredible backdrop. And there are several smaller waterfalls surrounding the main one that you can explore.


All photos by your Manhattan and Junction City family photographer, Tammy Karin.


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So, how do you get to this awesome waterfall!
It’s easy and just a short drive from Junction City, Kansas.


Take I-70 to JC and head south on Highway 77 for about 6 miles. Keep an eye out for the small “State Lake Road” sign off to the right of the highway. It sneaks up on you! You’ll turn onto State Lake Road and got about 2,000 feet to the Geary State Lake sign and take a left. These are dirt roads with lots of potholes, so drive carefully. Follow that road to where it dead ends at the parking lot and get ready for some fun!


After you park, you are going to walk across the dam on the west side of the lake.


Just on the the other side of the damn, you will be turning right and heading down to the waterfall. You are very close and can probably hear the water as you get to the end of the dam.


Before heading down the steep hill to the base of the waterfall, there is a spot off to the left where you can walk across the top of the falls. It’s quite the view!


Head back to the main trail and be careful as you descend. It can get pretty muddy and you may need to hang onto roots and branches as you traverse this section.

Keep an eye out for the smaller waterfalls as you make your way to the main drop!


And there she is! What a glorious waterfall!


My kids and I have played in the falls many times. Even when the water is really rushing, you can carefully climb up on the rocks and fully enjoy the experience.


Geary Falls is magical!


Here are the coordinates to this awesome natural waterfall:

Waterfall: 38.904859, -96.867191

Parking: 38.905765, -96.862946

Entrance: 38.906158, -96.853371

Viewing location #1: 38.905056, -96.867160

Viewing location #2: 38.904865, -96.867018


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If you have time, follow the creek the other direction to discover the quiet beauty surrounding this magnificent waterfall.


Keep an eye out for the beautiful wildlife surrounding the lake and waterfalls and enjoy your trip!

Thank you for not leaving any trash behind…let’s keep this amazing spot safe for the critters and other visitors.


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