Anneberg Park | Manhattan, Kansas


Anneberg Park is located on the West side of Manhattan, KS, off of Anderson Avenue. There is a beautiful pond, a fantastic trail that wraps around the park, a playground, and the best pedestrian bridge in town. If you have kids, there is a decent chance you’ve been to Anneberg for their soccer or softball games. The grass and turf fields there are almost always in use! But, this park is huge and there is plenty of space to spread out.


The biggest drawback to this location is that there are almost always people on the trails. Since we’ll need to stop and wait for them to pass, that can slow things down and break up the flow of the photo session. For that reason, I like to stick to the south side of the park near the wooded area where there tend to be fewer people.


The best part of Anneberg Park is probably the amazing bridge over on the west side! Yes, we will probably need to pause here and there to let people pass, but this bridge is pretty fantastic. It’s wide, strong, and safe for kids to run around.


Best pedestrian bridge in Manhattan!


There are a variety of easily accessible backdrops here. And a great mix of native and colorful trees without having to worry about lots of cars and houses in the background. But, once the leaves drop off of the trees, Anneberg tends to be pretty drab.


There is a lot of shade along the trail that forms a perimeter to the park. But, my favorite spot is south of the playground and baseball field. If you can pick a time when there aren’t lots of people out for a walk, it’s perfect!


Beautiful fall colors at Anneberg Park!


Other great Manhattan locations with bright Fall foliage include CiCo Park, City Park, and Northeast Community Park.


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