Northeast Community Park | Manhattan, KS


What I really love about Northeast Community Park is that we can get some outstanding fall foliage without the typical distractions that are at most urban parks. There is lots of space, few other people, and a great line of big, beautiful trees. Other than the trees and playground, it tends to be pretty plain. So, we won’t have a wide variety of backdrops. Sometimes, simple is best.


Because of its simplicity, I tend to only take clients to this location to enjoy the colorful Fall foliage. I love that kids can run free without any safety hazards.


Most of the parks in Manhattan are either populated with native trees that don’t tend to be terribly colorful in the Fall. Or they are surrounded with houses, cars, utility boxes and power lines, and lots of pedestrians. I’ve photographed some of the most vibrant Fall colors at family sessions over at CiCo Park. But, it is so difficult to avoid all of those urban background distractions. I love how easy it is to get the best of both worlds at NECP!


As long as we can get a good 30 minutes focused on your family pictures, the playground makes a great reward for your younger kids. And those playground action shots are so much fun!

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I’ve been taking pictures of my own kids on playgrounds for over 15 years. And I love it! My babies LOVED swings and would spend forever belly laughing their way back and forth. Let’s get your family pictures then please, please, please let me get some pictures of your gigglebots on the playground. I promise that you will treasure those genuine smiles!


Let’s capture the cuteness!

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Northeast Community Park is the perfect Fall location for your family photos!


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