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Great Photo Location Year Round

My favorite parks for photo sessions around Manhattan, KS are the more rustic ones like Tuttle Creek Outlet Park and Wildcat Park. There are rarely many other people around and I don’t have to avoid cars, houses and wires in the backdrop. But, when we want some glorious colors in the Spring and Fall, CiCo Park is my first choice.


We’ll definitely want to avoid CiCo Park during the State Fair, football games, track meets, Farmer’s Market, and other higher traffic times. Nobody wants strangers in the background of their pictures! Well, unless you do.

CiCO Park also has a great dog park, public pool, and baseball fields. Pretty awesome park to visit!


I’ve got plenty of pictures to share from every season at CiCo Park in Manhattan, KS!

Spring Flowers


Fall Foliage

Even in the Winter, CiCo Park is something special.

We love the sledding hill at CiCo Park in Manhattan, KS.

And CiCo Park Playground is one of the best in town!

Yep, that’s my awesome Little Leapling in those two playground pictures. There is plenty more where those came from, but I also love playground photo sessions for my clients!

CiCo Park is also one of my favorite place for outdoor cake smash sessions.

Senior photos, anyone?

More beautiful photos from CiCo Park!


On the northwest side of Manhattan, CiCo Park is easy to get to and has a variety of backdrops throughout the year!
Check CiCo Park out on the county’s website.

CiCo Park is the home of the Riley County State Fair.

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