IAPBP Image Contest

birth becomes her

It’s so exciting too see the diverse collection of birth images that get submitted to the International¬†Association of Professional Birth Photographers each year. As the birth photography genre continuous to rapidly grow, the image entries become even more phenomenal each year. It is humbling and truly spectacular.

And although this is a contest, you wouldn’t believe how tight knit and supportive the group of birth photographers are. This contest pulls us all together with the common goal of helping the world see just how beautiful birth truly is. But, in most cases, the photographers who choose this genre are doing it out of a real passion for birth. Every one of us could be charging far more for our artwork if we took weddings instead of births, but no. Illustrating these amazing birth stories is what we are drawn to despite the large time and financial commitments. You are about to see why!

Here’s where to find the most recent entries and winners!

So, here we all are not so patiently waiting for the winners to be announced. I’m not nervous…with over 600 images submitted, I know my chances of receiving special recognition is slim to none. But, as I look through the entries, my mind is blown. How on earth will the judges narrow this down to just a handful of winners??? There are so many spectacular images! And even though I tend to avoid graphic images shared publicly, I do love seeing the bold and powerful perspective from so many great artists. I can’t wait to see what their awesome panel of judges decide on!

The IAPBP image contest is a true highlight each year in the birth photography community.

Each active member of the IAPBP BirthPhotographers.com was given the opportunity to submit one image into 4 different categories: Labor, Delivery, Postpartum, and Birth Details. Some shied away from the cost, but even though I have no expectations of winning, I couldn’t bare to not participate. I am part of a movement and I love having my business represented alongside all of these amazing photographers.

That said, I did not choose images that had the most shock and awe component. Even though I suspect those will be the ones chosen for prizes, I picked the images that I believed best represented me and what I feel more people will be comfortable with. These are pictures that I would feel comfortable posting anywhere (with Mama’s consent, of course). I do have a pretty phenomenal collection of graphic birth images. Maybe one day, I will check in with my past clients and see how they feel about sharing those on my blog.

Here are the 4 images that I decided to submit into this year’s Birthphotographers.com contest:

Budding Birth Photographer (Labor)

Labor: Budding Birth Photographer

Forever Linked

Delivery: Forever Linked

The Gift of Surrogacy

Postpartum: The Gift of Surrogacy

Deployed Daddy

Birth Details: Deployed Daddy

Here are some other favorites that I posted to Facebook to get feedback from my friends and followers.
It was so difficult to pick!

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