Picture Time!

Are you totally excited?

best family photographers

Or absolutely terrified!


My best piece of advice?
Let it go.

I encourage you to share your visions and any inspirations, but seriously…just go with it.  You’ve picked the best photographer you can find, gotten your crew perfectly dressed and spit shined, and now it’s time to trust the pro. We can try special poses you have in mind, but you and I both know who decides which poses we’ll get away with. Focus on what gets those giggles to rise to the surface and just laugh at the mess you’ve created.
Don’t even try to discipline your kids unless there is a safety issue.
Just let it go this time.

let it go

Oh and don’t worry…YES, I know all of the words to “Let It Go” and boy oh boy did that come in handy for this session! Miss Maggie torturing her mama above? Yeah, she wanted nothing to do with ANYONE. It was her way or the highway. Once we transformed that cutie into Elsa, it was game on.
Cute, cute, cute!

Now, smile your way through the rest of this awesome family session!

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