Tips for Maternity Pictures

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I have the MOST gorgeous photo session to share with you along with tips for taking great maternity pictures! These pictures were taken during the dead of Winter and STILL some of my very favorites. I figure this is as good a time as any to share some tips for maternity pictures, but really, I didn’t need to do anything special for this stunning mama to be. She looked like a princess!

As we were waiting for some students on the K-State campus to pass between classes, one student couldn’t help but to shout those words out and I totally agree! Isn’t she stunning?

maternity session at kstate

Okay, let’s get started with some tips!

  1. Timing: It is best to get your maternity pictures taken about 6-10 weeks before your due date. You want a nice round belly, but you also want to get your pictures before you start to feel huge and uncomfortable, and definitely before you have to worry about an early arrival. This mama is 34 weeks along…perfect!

maternity photographer manhattan ks

2) Clothing: Wear something that accentuates your beautiful curves, but avoid any distracting patterns. This form-fitted, solid-colored dress is perfect. A flowing dress or skirt can add the element of motion that will always make an image more interesting.

maternity poses manhattan ks

3) Posing: There are endless posing suggestions I could give, but I’m going to focus on some general things you can keep in mind to get the most flattering pregnancy pictures.

First, use your hands. It’s a good idea to always have at least one hand on your belly for most of your pictures. That is a pretty universal pose, but also functions to direct attention there. Mix it up a little with both hands on top, both on bottom, or one on top and one on bottom.

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maternity posing tips

Bend the leg closest to the camera to create a flattering and flowing S-curve with your body. Pointing that near foot toward the camera can also help to naturally elongate your body.

pregnancy hand position

Make sure that when you cradle that belly, you aren’t smooshing your arms against your body. Bring your elbow out a touch. It might feel a little silly, but you will look great!

tips for maternity pictures

pregnancy photo tips

Want some more maternity tips?

In general, keep things natural. I love capturing true smiles and tenderness. You don’t need to look at the camera for every picture!
Your photographer should be on the look out for angles that create a double chin or draw attention from your expressions and your belly.

Also, whenever possible, try to get some pictures from above. Sitting pictures are lovely, so plan on bringing a blanket or choosing a location where you can sit comfortably.

maternity posing
This mama did an excellent job with her outfit, accessories, and even her manicure. Your hands will be in every picture, so rub in some lotion and dress them up!

maternity details

Enjoy your stunning maternity pictures and the rest of the magic, Mama Bear! You’ll be meeting your sweet baby before you know it!

tips for pregnancy pictures

34 weeks pregnancy pictures


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