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Your picture perfect party doesn’t necessarily mean every detail of your celebration was flawless. What it means is every detail was documented beautifully by your photographer. Because let’s be serious. What event goes 100% perfectly? What really matters is that wonderful memories were made and I love having the opportunity to photograph them.

Earlier this year, I was hired by a previous newborn client to document her son’s first birthday party. She was having the celebration at her home and the closer she got to the event, the less confident she was that anyone would show up. Welcome to the post-Covid world of throwing a party. I think we’ve all been there. One thing that was guaranteed was that her photographer would be right on time.

As she feared, only a few families showed up to her big guy’s celebration. And as expected, we got AWESOME pictures. With fewer guests, we even had time to step outside for some fun family portraits! After she received her gallery, she told me that family and friends had questioned her decision to hire a professional photographer for such a small party. But, she was so glad that she did! Not only were the pictures priceless to her, she got to relax and enjoy the party rather than having to add taking pictures to her long list of responsibilities that day. We got the family photos, photos with her friends, adorable pictures of her son opening his presents, his cake smash, and even super cute bubble bath photos. She wanted ALL of the pictures, so the event package ended up working out perfectly.

Was this a picture perfect party or what!?

So much planning goes into even the smallest party.

I’ve certainly thrown enough parties for my own kids to appreciate how much work it is to get pictures while also trying to be an excellent host, chef/baker/caterer, event coordinator, etc. It’s exhausting! And the pictures are often all we have to remember it all. We should be part of that fun and in the pictures with our loved ones.

Whether you are planning a party for someone’s birthday, graduation, anniversary, promotion, or even a memorial, it might not be picture perfect. But, you want perfect pictures whenever possible. Actually, my largest photography gig to date was a celebration of life in 2022. Well over a hundred family members showed up to honor the family patriarch who recently passed. It was a beautiful event with family members who hadn’t seen each other in years. Some would never see each other again. To that family, the pictures truly were priceless. I not only documented the catered event, all of the speakers, and few hours of family coming together. We took a large group photo and countless family and extended family photos.

Any event that brings family together is worth hiring a professional photographer.

Here’s another birthday party. This was a summer event with a very large turnout. If you’re going to have lots of children at your party, you’ll probably want me there, too. Cute kid photos are my favorite!

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