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Professional wedding Photography is a high-priced investment that is worth every penny. You put seemingly endless hours of your time, energy, and money into planning this special celebration of love. Your rings and your pictures are pretty much all you’ll have to remember your wedding day when it’s all said and done.

Being guaranteed high quality wedding photos is priceless!


I’ve photographed weddings that included just the bride, groom, and officiant, and weddings with hundreds of participants. One thing I’ve consistently found is that most people just want to relax and have a great time. I’m happy to take posed portraits of any couple, family, or groups who’d like to jump in for a smile. But, typically I’m not a fan of the list of portraits. People stand around waiting to be scooched into pose after pose by the photographer. What they really want is to go grab another drink and enjoy the wonderful company. Because of that and the often lengthy list of scheduled events, I prefer the artistic freedom that comes with smaller weddings.


I consider a small wedding to be less than 50 people and lasting less than 3 hours.

Because I focus on small weddings, my price is lower than wedding photographers of comparable quality. Wedding photography packages typically include upwards of 8 hours worth of coverage, albums, and prints. My pricing includes 3 hours of coverage and high resolution digital images. This allows you to purchase prints and albums on your own, but I’m happy to help with that, too!

My $1,500 inclusive package is broken down into a $300 session/booking fee and a $1,200 digital collection. Weddings clients can expect roughly 100 images per hour of coverage. Need me for longer than three hours? You can purchase additional time for $100 plus tax per hour.


Since I’m delivering such a large number of images, wedding galleries differ from my portrait session. It isn’t realistic for me to perform detailed retouching on every image like I do with my smaller digital sessions. I’ll often spend over 30 minutes carefully retouching each of those purchased images. I do, however, tend to spend more time with the “batch editing” of images during that first phase of processing. If you wish to have the more detailed skin, hair, and clothing edits, that option is still there!


For couples wanting just the most amazing captures from the day, my smaller digital collections will likely work better than my event pricing. You will receive a proofing album to choose your favorite images for detailed retouching so that every image is a perfect masterpiece. If after receiving the proofing album you need them all, we’ll just revert to the event pricing!

It seems I attract wedding photography clients with a great sense of humor. Pretty much every wedding that I’ve documented has included some hilarious shots!

Enjoy some more wedding photo inspiration then click over to my TEKimages contact page. I look forward to being such an important part of your special day!

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