Sports Photography | Manhattan, KS


When you think of sports photography, your mind most likely goes straight to college and professional sports like football and basketball. While some sports might not require a fast shutter speed, the photographer still needs to know the rules of the game and what to expect to get the best shots. You can take the best action photographer ever and if she doesn’t know how the game works, she’s probably not going to know where to position herself or what kind of timing is needed.

I actually love the “game” of sports photography. Put me in, Coach!

I find it super exciting to watch a game through my long lens, learning the complexities of the game as I go. Obviously, I wouldn’t want to do that for a paid gig. But, this is something I do for fun whenever I get the opportunity! While most people would rather just sit back and enjoy the game, there is something so fantastic about freezing athletes bodies and facial expressions in an artistic way. Sure, I could sit there and hold the shutter down and hope to get lucky. But, it’s far more satisfying to learn the rules and patterns and anticipate those magical moments.

The sport I have the most experience photographing is soccer. My kids started playing “bunch ball” as I like to call it when they were preschoolers. Okay, okay. I can’t resist. Aren’t they adorable??

Manhattan High School Girls Soccer

This past Spring, I spent every home game for the MHS girls soccer team down on the sideline. My middle kiddo had taken a break from soccer after Covid hit, so I was beyond excited to jump back in with her. Honestly, those soccer fields are so big, that I pretty much have to look through my long lens just to find my kiddo sometimes.


Here are some more action shots from the awesome Manhattan High School girls soccer team!

Manhattan Ultimate Enthusiasts

I’ve never played soccer myself, but I have played Ultimate Frisbee quite a bit. After a minor injury, I started bringing my camera to the field to cheer the club on. If you’ve never heard of Ultimate Frisbee before, definitely look up some YouTube videos. It’s an incredible sport! The club here in Manhattan, KS is filled with wonderful people of all ages.

Kansas State University Mens Basketball

Indoor sports are challenging because it’s not appropriate to use flash. Fortunately, large facilities like Bramlage Coliseum where the K-State basketball teams play has pretty great lighting.


Manhattan High School Basketball

If you are wanting pictures in a smaller venue, finding a professional like me who is trained in low light photography might be your only shot at getting clear action photos of your favorite athletes. Here are some pictures I took last Fall of the Manhattan High School basketball teams.

Athletic Pups

The most recent sports photography that I’ve explored revolves around one of my all-time favorite subjects. Dogs! Check out these fun pictures from the Dock Dogs event in Manhattan, KS this past June.

Here are some from the Prairie Disc Dogs contest that I just discovered. So much fun!

This was my first time photographing this dog events and learning the rules. I’d love to get back out there again soon!

Shoot me an email if you’d like to have me photograph a sporting event in Manhattan. I’m happy to take team photos and make sure there are photos of all players. I can also focus all of my energy on getting amazing actions shots of specific players.

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