6 Month Old Poses


Introducing my tips and tricks for great 6 month old poses!

Six months old is my absolute favorite age and the easiest time to get great pictures of your cutie.

There are several reasons why this is the easiest age for picture taking. Most 6 month olds are starting to sit up, but not crawling, yet. They also tend to tolerate tummy time quite well by this age. You’ll probably be able to get loads of smiles. And it’s relatively easy to soothe them and push their reset button.


As a mom to three kids, let me first say that all babies are different. Baby milestones are just suggestions. Babies learn to do different tricks at their own speed. Please do not worry if your baby is not ready to do one or more of these poses, yet. I’m going to share lots of options, so you can pick and choose what works best for your little one. My blog post on 3 month old poses might be helpful, too!

Tummy Time for 6 month olds

We’re told to have our babies practice tummy time from infancy. Those heavy heads and weak neck muscles make it tough on newborns. But, by the time your baby is six months old, tummy time might even become one of their favorite positions. At 6 months, some babies are kicking those legs trying to crawl and reach for objects.

If your baby isn’t a big fan of tummy time, try putting a favorite toy just out of reach. You may or may not want the object to be in your photo, but it’s pretty easy to get in a position to exclude it. If your baby is going to be in this position for awhile, think about putting something soft under them. If they don’t like laying on the ground, you can use a small pillow to give them a little boost. Be ready with your camera because even at this age, they can tire out quickly.


The most important tip for taking pictures of babies during tummy time, is to get down on their level. I’ll often lay flat on the ground to take these pictures. Being low to the ground is very important if you’re wanting eye contact in your photos, so the lower the better!

This is a great opportunity for older siblings of all ages to jump in a photo.

Bird’s Eye View of your Baby

Lay your little one down on a nice, soft blanket and stand directly over them. Reach down to give them tickles to get to activate that giggle box. This is the easiest of the 6 month old poses that I’ll share.


This is also my go to pose for including toddlers with younger siblings. While this is the easiest pose to put a baby in, there are a few things to keep in mind as you stand over your kiddos revving up some laughter:

1) You may need to put something under your baby’s head so that both of their heads are level. A folded receiving blanket works great. Usually, the toddler’s eyes will be a little closer to the camera and if you are shooting with a narrow depth of field, the eyes won’t all be in focus without an adjustment. Same thing goes for including an adult. The bigger the noggin, the more likely you’ll need some extra padding to bring the baby closer to the camera.

2) Make sure you are standing over your baby in such a way that you are not casting a shadow on them. You’ll also want to make sure your feet aren’t in the picture. If you are using a blanket, simply pull it over your feet. If you are using a camera (as opposed to a cell phone), don’t forget the neck strap! You’ll be hovering directly over all that cuteness, so safety first!

3) Try to have an extra set of hands so that the older sibling doesn’t bonk heads with your baby. Ideally, their heads will be just about touching for your picture. But, if your toddler is hyper, I don’t recommend scooching them that close together. You can also have them roll onto their sides to interact. Super cute!

Get down low and you can get some adorable side angle pictures while they are still on their back.


If you’re lucky, they’ll grab those sweet feet! Don’t forget to focus on those delicious detail shots!

6 Month Old Sitting Poses

Let’s actually start with the “almost sitting” pose. As your baby learns to sit, they’ll usually start with a tripod position.


Safety first! It’s always a good idea to have an extra set of hands in case they start to fall over. It’s also smart to put them on a nice, padded surface if they are still learning to sit up.

You can use crates and other props to give them some extra support.


Cooperative pets and older siblings make for a great support, too!

If you decide to use chairs or any other object that elevates your baby off of the floor, please make sure an extra adult is arm’s length away.


Don’t forget to sanitize your props! 6 month olds are usually teething and anything and everything will go in their mouth.


Pull Up Pose

This next pose is more for older babies. Kennadee with just 6 months old for this studio session, but was already pulling up! Check out this adorable over-achiever! Don’t worry, Mama was right there next to her!


Is your baby refusing to let go of Mommy or Daddy?

Here are a few easy ideas using parents as props. I always recommend that parents come prepared to be in pictures in case their baby is feeling a little shy or clingy.

Don’t be afraid to zoom in for a close-up portrait while focusing on those baby-centric photos. Even when cradled in a parent’s arms, you can get some amazing close-ups.


Okay, I’m going to unload the rest of the pictures I picked out for this blog post on 6 month old poses.
Enjoy and I hope this gave you some good ideas for your little love!

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