3 Month Old Poses | Little Leapling Photography


Check out these simple tips for photographing your 3 month old!

As cute as they are, 3 month old babies can be surprisingly difficult when it comes to picture time.

They pretty much just lay there, so those 3 month old poses can be pretty tricky, but ohhh those smiles!

Here are some of my favorite poses to get great pictures of your little cutie.


1. Probably the very easiest pose for any age is to lay your little one down on her back and stand over her. It’s so easy to interact with her this way and get those cute smiles. Just make sure your feet aren’t in the picture and you aren’t casting a Mommy-sized shadow on her.


2. I love to have babies lay on their back and play with their toes, which they usually find quite enthralling right around this age.

You’ll want to get very low to the ground and make sure you aren’t taking pictures looking up her nose.


3. By the time they are 3 months old, Tummy Time usually isn’t a form of baby torture, anymore. Get nice and low and have your camera settings ready because she is going to still get tired pretty quickly. You may only get a couple chances for a great shot when she is holding that head nice and high. If you have someone else that can help with smiles, make sure they are also really low and close to your camera!



4. Give her a lift! I always encourage parents to come prepared to be in pictures just in case they are needed, but even if they are not presentable or really not wanting to be in the pictures, I’ve found creative ways to get those giggles going! Mama had her hands under baby’s dress and lifted her nice and high. A bounce or two and this cutie was picture perfect!
I’ve always been amazed at how different a baby looks when laying down versus being upright, so I try to create a variety of poses that showcase both versions of your baby.


What about in home or studio? No problem!

I do recommend a few basic props, but you can still get some cute poses on the floor with a soft blanket.


5. A basket, some blankets, and a little lace did the trick here! Comfy cozy.


6. This mountain of sweetness was as simple as covering a Bumbo seat with a blanket and some lace.


Doesn’t she look delicious?


7. Roll some blankets to create a nice padded seat in a sturdy basket or bucket then add a little padding to the edge for this adorable pose. It’s best to always have an extra set of hands to make sure the little cutie is safe from tipping over. It can also help to be some weights in the bottom of the bucket for stability.




8. And when she is all tuckered out, put her to bed! I got this adorable bed from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. It is perfect because it was meant for small pets and is super easy to clean. 🙂

Go get your cuddle monster and try out some of these sweet poses.
And thank you to Camri and her mama for this fun session!

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Miss Camri returned to my studio for her 6 month old portraits, too! What a cutie patootie!

You are just a few months away from my favorite age to photograph! Six months old are the best!

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