Family Outfit Tips for Photo Sessions

Your photo session is just around the corner! Have you picked out your family’s outfits, yet?

When deciding on your family outfits, the best approach is to have only one person in a pattern and then keep the rest of the outfits very simple, using colors from that more interesting selection.

Avoid busy patterns, logos, and words. Avoid bright colors that will direct the eye to that person. We want a natural flow to your pictures that doesn’t highlight one person or distract from the emotional connections in the image.

Keep it simple, but don’t be afraid to accessorize. Just leave that favorite baseball cap at home and remember to empty your pockets of any bulky items.
And yes! I do recommend ironing out any wrinkles!

Pay attention to the weather forecast! I don’t want you too cold or too hot. If it’s windy, you’ll want to bring headbands or ties for the ladies.
Be aware of tops that reveal bra straps. Put bloomers on your little ones to prevent diapers from showing.
And make sure to wear comfortable enough shoes because we’ll be out there having fun!

Nice work, crew! You look fantastic!


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