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I was pretty sure that this outdoor family newborn session with 6, 4, and 2.5 year old boys and their 2 week old baby brother was going to be…well…chaotic. I knew we’d get good pictures, but I also knew we’d be chasing these guys all over the place and I’d be demonstrating my full range of animal noises.

But, they were amazing! So much easier than I expected.

When the weather is nice, newborn pictures outside can be safe, comfortable, and fun!

Included in this blog post are pictures from a one-hour family photo session with a newborn. This is as opposed to a full 3-hour in home newborn session that also includes more baby-centric poses and detail photos. An outdoor newborn session is a great option when the weather is warmer and you are wanting to be extra careful with your baby’s vulnerable immune system.

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All three boys were so gentle with their new baby brother and just absolutely in awe of him.

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I chose Marlatt Park so this family would have plenty of room to run around safely and we’d get to all enjoy that simple Kansas beauty.

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What an incredible evening! I’m excited to share these pictures with Mommy and Daddy so that they can relive the magic over and over.

Congratulations on baby boy #4! You two make the cutest kiddos!

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Whether you are wanting to make sure your rambunctious older kids are as involved as possible, your little one’s health is a concern, or you simply love the look of outdoor pictures, if the weather is cooperating, there is plenty we can do outside! While we were mostly focused on getting family pictures in this session, it’s easy enough to bring a couple extra props and turn the focus onto your itty bitty. Even when most of the pictures are in home, I love to step outside for a few beautiful portraits!

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