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When my youngest was born in 2005, I knew absolutely nothing about newborn photography. I took my new son to Kmart where Olan Mills had a tiny studio set up in the front of the store. The middle-aged photographer kept urging me to nurse my son so he would be “happy”. Not only was Nathan perfectly content, I was really struggling with nursing still and very anxious about trying to breastfeed in public. I told the photographer as much, but he did not back off.

Newborn Photography has come an awfully long way since the days of drive by studio shootings. 

It was an awkward and horrible feeling having this man looming over me while I tried to nurse my baby. I ended up just buying one pose for the deal advertised and went home disappointed. I never complained, but a few weeks later, I received a package in the mail. There was a letter apologizing to the customers who were subjected to this photographer’s inappropriate behaviors. At least I got a few more pictures out of it. Still, it was a terrible experience. And as a photographer, I’ve learned that the experience is every bit as important as the pictures.

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The progress just since my third baby was born in 2012 is pretty amazing. When I first started taking newborn pictures, it was for my birth clients in my home studio. I have since learned that the best way to capture those itty bitties is in the comfort of their new home.

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There’s no rushing around to get everyone out the door. There are no hyperactive toddlers tearing through the studio and gobbling down Smarties for every attempted picture. There are no bright lights or fancy equipment to get toppled over. When I get to my client’s home, we can straighten up the areas with the best light, but not much is needed. I can do an entire session with just one small window if that is what you have to work with.

We also don’t need to rush to get your pictures down during that first week or so while you are healing! When you are tying newborns into knots to create those adorably complicated poses, it’s important that they are in deep sleep. They sleep far better in that first week of life. With in home lifestyle sessions, we are more focused on connections. Not only are the parents feeling a little better around weeks 2-4, but babies are starting to make eye contact. That makes for some extra sweet moments!

While lifestyle newborn photography is very different stylistically from studio images, I can still create that studio-look for some of your pictures.

Quality pictures are always going to be of the highest priority, but I’ve discovered that the experience is every bit as important and what makes for the most beautiful, relaxed, and emotive images.

Enjoy this beautiful in home newborn session for baby Arthur. It is a perfect example of the type of experience I offer my newborn clients and what has become my very favorite genre to photograph.

This is also the very first session that includes a full video compilation!

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Most clients choose to book me early enough in their pregnancy to guarantee a spot on my calendar; however, we will wait until your little one has arrived to finalize the time and date of your photo session.

Have you experienced both a studio newborn session and an in home newborn session? I’d love to hear all about it!

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