Photographer Fail

fun fall poses

I think most people understand a photographer fail to mean that some difficult pose was attempted and she just couldn’t quite pull it off.

But, in my sessions, a photographer fail has two meanings. Either one or more of my little clients never really warmed up to me. I tried everything, and I just couldn’t get her to smile. Or someone walked away from their session having not had fun.

I realize that this isn’t necessarily my fault. There’s only so much one can do if a little one isn’t feeling well, is too hungry, too tired, etc.  I do everything I can to minimize those challenges, making sure to send out my session tips and working with Mom and Dad to find the time of day when their little ones tend to be happiest. But, at least once a season, I come face to face with a little person who wants nothing to do with me or my camera despite my solid arsenal of tricks and distractions.

baby won't smile

This was one of those sessions for me. Sweet, little Charlie was in charge and even after an hour, I caught less than half a dozen smiles (and I’m fairly certain I didn’t miss any!).

For whatever it is worth, Charlie’s siblings were AMAZING. They kept those smiles up far longer than most of my kiddy clients and their awesome parents were wonderfully easy going (which is often what allows me to turn a difficult session into a great success) . That said, I think we were all exhausted from trying to get that little stinker to cheese!

So yes, this was a photographer fail for me, but it was NOT a failed session!

sibling portraits

I think that when you pick a photographer for your young family, you need to not only find someone who is great connecting with little kids, but you should also consider choosing someone with top notch editing skills. If your littles aren’t cooperating, that will likely be the difference between walking away with a great family portrait or a collection of nothing but those real life moments that you have nightmares about. No doubt that the fun, lifestyle moments are my favorites, but we all want that one amazing picture of everyone smiling at the camera…and we don’t want that to come down to whether your toddler was in a good mood or not because that is a total crap shoot!

Enjoy this gorgeous Fall gallery!

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See ya later, Charlie! I bet I get more smiles next time!


And I hope your Mommy enjoys the extra images she got from letting make an example of you! 🙂

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