Golden Hour

golden hour

This is golden hour with your favorite Manhattan, KS family photographer.

manhattan family photographer

The rich colors of fall bursting with that perfect light just before dusk. Light streaming through the orange, yellow, and red leaves. It may be chilly out, but the amazing Fall colors and snuggles will keep you warm!

This is also a crazy lady with a camera pulling out ALL of her tricks to keep three little dudes from melting down. These three were fast and taking turns needing some extra tender loving care. But, we got them giggling!

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It’s all about giving up the goal of getting posed smiles and making the experience fun for them!

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So, what exactly is golden hour?

Here’s a simple definition: In photography, the golden hour is the period of daytime shortly after sunrise or before sunset, during which daylight is redder and softer than when the sun is higher in the sky.


You can get amazing pictures outside of those special times of day. But, there is an added warmth and glow that even the best Photoshop editors can’t quite duplicate in post processing. Most of my photo sessions are scheduled to start about 90 minutes before sunset. That allows time for everyone to warm up to me and let their true colors shine by the time the best light sets in.

favorite kid photographers photographer great with kids little boy posessibling poses

golden hourmanhattan ks

We actually got a late start to this session, but I ended up getting some of my very favorite family portraits out of this!

golden hour family photos

The Wolff family has become one of my most favorite regular clients! Their boys are always so full of energy and giggles! Here are some more of their family pictures from the past several years.

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Aggieville manhattan ks photo session
manhattan ks aggieville family photos

I love watching your family grow!

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