First Latch

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Of all of the first moments after a baby enters the world,
that first latch is one of the most magical.

There is nothing but love and support surrounding Mom and babe. That tiny life has gone from being nurtured from within to discovering life, love, and safety on the outside. It’s an overwhelmingly beautiful connection and the beginning of what will hopefully be a long journey together.

As a birth photographer, I know that capturing that first latch is incredibly important. It is a moment of peace that is so often followed by some of the most difficult weeks of a mother’s life. Endless days and nights of cluster feeding, sore nipples and possibly illness may overtake them. And if they can hang in there, they will come out on the other side physically, emotionally, and monetarily richer for it.

In six months, this tiny life will have grown into a giggling ball of happiness, likely sustained on nothing but her mother’s milk. For each of my three babies, I was in absolute awe of my body when I looked at the 16-20lb human that I had grown.

My heart goes out to the mamas who tried so hard to nurse, but their bodies and/or babies couldn’t pull it off. You are still absolutely amazing and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Be proud of what you’ve done!

Enjoy these sweet moments of calm surrounding the first latch and never let anyone rob you of the priceless moments you share with your child while breastfeeding.

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Thank you to all of these beautiful mamas for allowing me to share these precious moments!