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photography tips

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I live for the laughter. Those bursts of happiness are easily what I will miss most when my kids grow up. When the magic has been replaced by stress and responsibility. And there is nothing but an echo of the silliness that my children injected into each day. I can only assume that is why […]

Live for Laughter

Children, Family

toddler trick
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These sweet cheeks gave me a run for my money. He also inspired me to share some toddler tips as a photographer. He wasn’t in a BAD mood, but he certainly didn’t come to party.   Would you like to know my tricks for getting those real smiles and capturing a toddler’s true colors?   […]

Toddler Tips for your Photo Session

Children, Photography Tips

photography secrets
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Who wants to know my secrets for awesome pictures of your kids? A few weeks ago, right after I got home from the second day of the Mommy & Me Micro Sessions, my 10 year old son approached me complaining about how warm it was outside. I agreed with him and he responded, “Not like […]

Six Secrets for Awesome Pictures of your Kids

Children, Photography Tips