Live for Laughter

I live for the laughter. Those bursts of happiness are easily what I will miss most when my kids grow up. When the magic has been replaced by stress and responsibility. And there is nothing but an echo of the silliness that my children injected into each day.


I can only assume that is why every grandparent can’t help but to spoil our babies despite the fall out we get to suffer the next day. Because that laughter is golden and absolutely priceless.

They will lose control, break a thing or two, take it too far, and likely leave a sibling in tears. But, we must find a way to allow it because one day our heart will ache for those sounds of childhood.

Being a family photographer has taught me some wonderful tricks for both creating and capturing the happy bits. It’s rare that I tell my kids to smile for my camera. I have learned to focus on the real moments. That’s where the laughter is. And those are the pictures my kids are excited to see!


This is one of my all time favorite family sessions because I feel like I’ve captured the truest sounds of happiness.

Can you hear it?

love and laughter

Enjoy the Fall warmth and happiness of this Manhattan, KS family session and let’s get your crew on my calendar!

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This session actually features far more posed portraits than I usually share. I prefer to highlight the pictures filled with emotion. But, we will always get those perfect “grandma poses” for the wall!


And amidst the laughter, there may be tears. I believe you will cherish those moments, as well.


Such genuine love and sweetness!


Go ahead and shake things up! I know we all live for laughter.


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