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I have a collection of studio headshots, but I’m not going to share any of those with you. Environmental headshots are the trend and completely in line with my style of photography. I want to capture your personality as well as your story. In the case of headshots, we are simply telling a professional story. A story that will set you apart, heads and shoulders above the rest.

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There are a variety of traditional poses we can entertain depending on your profession. They portray leadership, confidence, enthusiasm, a welcoming smile or some combination of those traits. Add in a dynamic background that adds to your story and suddenly those bland studio photos are as ancient as JC Penney portraits. Shake off the rigid poses and follow my lead for a more candid feel and you’ve got some some unique and natural photos with impact.

The two main decisions you’ll need to make after choosing me as your headshot photographer are the where and the what to wear.

And I can help you with both.

Neutral and solid colors that can easily be dressed up or down with a jacket, tie, scarf, shawl, or jewelry allow for quick and easy adjustments for a variety of looks. We’ll discuss outfit options prior to your session!

Let’s see that attitude!

Yes! You should bring props to your headshot session!

There are some fantastic locations around the Manhattan area indoors and outdoors for your headshot session.

I’m happy to come to your place of work or suggest some public options that tend to work great for a wide variety of professions. We will work together to create that perfect image for that exceptional personality.


If you are running a business with multiple employees, let’s get your whole crew involved with both individual and group photos. We can always find a plain wall and hone in on that traditional posed headshot to cover all of your bases. But, unless you are needing to match a studio look for cohesiveness, I highly recommend a more modern look. Check out these awesome branding photos for Whole Health MHK on the east side of Manhattan.

While we’re creating an amazing gallery for you, let’s have some fun! You’ll want some genuine smiles mixed in with those hardworking candid moments. And there is no reason we can’t grab some product shots while we’re at it.


Contact me today for pricing and availability!

TEKimages is the sister company of Little Leapling Photography based out of Manhattan, KS. Tammy Karin is the primary photographer for both brands, so feel free to reach out through either website!