Aggieville | Manhattan, KS


I held my first photo session in Aggieville in March 2014. I took some sweet pictures of the family in Triangle Park, spent some time being cute in Varsity Donuts, then headed out back by the food truck. It was a blast and the donut pictures were absolutely adorable. Yep, I still have those pictures and you’ll get to see some favorites below!

I still do family shoots in Aggieville, but it’s become one of my favorite locations for senior sessions. I’ll include some of my favorite client sessions in Aggieville at the end of this post, but I’m going to let my two daughters give you a tour of the best spots!


This is the only location where you’ll see cars, trash cans, utility boxes and wires, or other people in my pictures. I rarely shoot at places like City Park because I hate having to dodge those distractions. But, I love the authenticity and character here.


My favorite backdrop in Aggieville are these graffiti-covered alleyways. Talk about character! I just love all of the colors!

I tend to start Aggieville photo sessions a bit earlier than usual since these back alleys are so shady.


Starting early also helps with lighting in the indoor locations like Varsity Donuts and The Dusty Bookshelf. If you’d like some indoor pictures, we’ll plan carefully to avoid the crowds. Varsity Donuts is definitely a popular location Saturday mornings!

Now to share some of my favorite client images from this distinctly Manhattan location! Some of these go way back to my first year in business, but I hope you’ll agree that I’ve stuck with a vibrant, true to life style over the years!


Now for some of those fantastic seniors in Aggieville!


Aren’t the colors fantastic?!?


Ready to book an Aggieville session? Let’s get you on my calendar!

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