Senior Session | Manhattan, KS


There are three main topics I like to discuss as we plan your senior session: Locations, Outfits, and Props. I can confidently take your son or daughter pretty much anywhere and without any kind of props and deliver outstanding photographs. But, let’s add some extra pizzaz! My goal is to create beautiful pictures that truly capture their personality and show off their interests and talents.


One of my favorite locations for senior photos is Aggieville. I love the colors and energy and being able to utilize the businesses and alleyways allows quite a bit of flexibility in time of day for your photo session.


If we are taking pictures in Aggieville, it’s easy to skip over to campus to incorporate some of those gorgeous stone buildings. And the KState campus is probably my second favorite location for a senior session, so that works out great!

I don’t normally recommend the Konza Prairie for photo shoots because there is so much extra walking, we have to stick to the trails, and dodging other people can slow down the flow of your session. But, it sure does make for a beautiful backdrop! And that journey is far less difficult with a young, energetic adult than a family trying to juggle too many people and personal items. I’ve found that both Marlatt Memorial Park and Warner Memorial Park are both gorgeous prairie-style locations that are much easier to get to and there is significantly less walking to get to those stunning landscapes. All three of those are great for a senior session, but the closer options allow us to plan on multiple locations.

I’m happy to suggest what I think will be the perfect place(s) for your session, but I also encourage you to check out my Location Guide, which will provide images and descriptions of the best photo spots in the Manhattan area.


90 minutes is usually about right for the length of a senior session. And I’m happy to include as many locations and as many outfits as you’d like within that time frame. The more traveling and changing we do, however, the less time for pictures. So, it really depends on how much variety you’d like. This beautiful senior went all out and chose to set up three different sessions so that we could include sunflowers, travel out to her horse, and also include her formal gown in Aggieville and her cap and gown on campus. I was happy to work out a custom deal to put a smile on her face!

My general rule of thumb for photos is to keep it simple. Avoid busy patterns, bright colors, or anything that might draw attention to one person over anyone else in the group or family. But, with senior sessions, I’m all about having you dress in what makes you feel most comfortable and…well…YOU!

Let’s show off those true colors and have some fun with your senior session!

Anything from jeans and that favorite t-shirt to sequins and glamour. Mix it up and get ready to have a great time!


I tend to minimize props in photo sessions so that the energy and emotion comes from the connections. But, again, with senior sessions, this is a different ball game. Quite literally! Is your senior an athlete? Great! Bring some of their sports equipment! A musician? Please, please, please, bring their instrument along! Books? Pets? YES! We can make it happen! Think outside the box and dream big!

I suppose I use the genre “Senior Photos” pretty loosely. Perhaps I should call them Personality Pictures? Empowerment Photos? I’ve taken this same approach with kids, high school seniors, college grads, and even headshots and other branding photos. The idea is to make you LAUGH and make you SHINE no matter your age!

And proud moms and dads, please come prepared to jump into a couple pictures during these senior sessions. This is a great opportunity to get some pictures with your baby before saying farewell

Let’s get started!

Don’t forget to explore the Little Leapling Photography sister site,, for more ideas for your senior session!