La Leche League of Manhattan

la Leche March

Today was the La Leche League of Manhattan’s 
13th Annual Celebration Walk For Breastfeeding
and it was an amazing success!

What a perfect day to be outside helping to raise awareness for breastfeeding!

La Leche League Manhattan KS

 I don’t think it could have been more beautiful today! Over 200 people came out to participate in the march and fun events. We marched around Manhattan City Park before getting a group photo and enjoying yummy food and great company.

La Leche League March

Everyone loved the ponies.

pony ride

The bounce houses were never empty.

bounce house

This was the largest LLL march I’ve seen yet! So many awesome advocates…kids, mommies, and daddies!

la Leche March Manhattan La Leche League

There were loving daddies that would make even the toughest woman weak at the knees. Are you kidding me with this sweetness?!

daddy love LLL

And so many beautiful mamas nurturing their babies and helping to normalize public breastfeeding! I love being able to share these images. For the nearly 10 years I’ve been in business now, I always include free breastfeeding pictures with all photo sessions. I wish I had high quality pictures from the days of nursing my own babies.

LLL breastfeedingpublic breastfeedingbabywearing

My kiddos even came for the fun! This event is always entertaining for kids and adults of all ages.


Thank you to everyone who came out to support this phenomenal organization.

A special thank you to the La Leche of Manhattan Leaders who put so much into this event!

They are always ready to jump up and help mamas looking for breastfeeding support.

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I have a long way to go and will keep adding more images to this gallery over the next week!

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