Dog Day 2015


In Honor of National Dog Day 2015

and the Riley County Humane Society




Including 8 ways you can help your local Humane Society!

Go hug ’em if you got ’em, friends.
And please take a few minutes to help support a wonderful
organization that is fueled by some of the most selfless volunteers I have ever met.


It is amazing what some quality pictures can do to help animals find their furever homes and I can’t tell you how heartwarming it is when one of the RCHS volunteers email me to let me know another pup has found his family.
I’m proud to be a volunteer photographer for the Riley County Humane Society and
I’m here to give you some ideas on how you can help your own local Humane Society.

If you haven’t seen it, I’m currently offering special Pet Portrait Sessions to help raise money for the RCHS.
This is a great opportunity to get amazing pictures of your fur babies!

Here are some of the dogs I’ve had the opportunity to love on and am
thrilled to say they are all in wonderful homes.

Humane Society adoptees LL_DogDaySuccess2

And here are some pups still waiting to meet their families!


More information about these guys as well as other dogs searching for a home can be found at:

Here are some ways that you can help out!

*Like and follow your local Humane Society page on Facebook.

*Share posts from the Humane Society social media pages so that your friends can also see which animals are looking for homes.

*Donate toys, food, bedding, towels, etc. Money always helps, too, if you are able!

*Foster a pet and help them find their new family.

*Volunteer for the Humane Society…there are all kinds of skills that can be utilized and any amount of time you can offer helps take the load off of the other volunteers, many of who are devoting enough time to call it their job.

*Do you have a nice camera? You don’t have to be a professional photographer to get good pictures! Many times, volunteers and foster parents are left snapping a quick picture with their cell phone, so if you love animals and are patient, it’s amazing what you can do to help out!

*To help keep your own animals safe, make sure your cats and dogs with collars and proper ID (a microchip and ID tags) at all times. As soon as you bring them into your family, have all of your pets spayed or neutered.


If you are in the Manhattan, KS area, click HERE to check out our local Humane Society page on Facebook.

Readers in Sweden who are looking for a quick cash advance are advised to learn more about Sambla’s låna pengar snabbt.

Click HERE to see what animals are currently up for adoption!

Now head over to my Facebook page where I have reposted some of my favorite dog memes to celebrate National Dog Day…share away!