National Love Your Pet Day – February 20


Did you know that February 20th is National Love Your Pet Day?

No? Yeah, me either until I saw someone else post about it on Facebook.

But, I love any and every opportunity to highlight the fabulous furbabies I get to photograph!

And no, they aren’t always furry, but naturally cats and dogs are my top pet clients. And USUALLY, they are part of a family photo shoot. But, every once in awhile, I get to focus all of my photo skills on some beloved pet. I did this quite a bit as volunteer photographer for the Riley County Humane Society, but there have been several paid shoots, too!

Today, I’m highlighting a very special furbaby and his amazing human. Ashley brought Draco to me in September 2021 with the plan to take milestone pictures every few months. I absolutely love getting to document the growth of my little human clients over the years, so this was an extra special treat since puppies grow so quickly! It was so much fun to watch how this beautiful beast changed over the course of the year.

Such a good boy!

For each of his photo shoots, I made sure to get beautiful, posed portraits of Draco.

I also focused on getting some awesome action shots!


I wanted to show off how big he was getting by having Ashley pick him up, but full-grown Draco is NOT a fan of being held.


That didn’t stop us from getting super snuggly photos!


Sloppy kisses, too!


I wanted to make sure Ashley had some fantastically frameable pictures with them both looking at the camera (and the goofball hiding behind it). And pictures that truly showed off Draco’s personality!


I can’t think of a better way of celebrating National Love Your Pet Day than getting professional photos taken!

And I can’t think of a better pet loving client to feature than Ashley. I cannot WAIT to get my camera back on Draco!

I’m hoping for another Spring birthday celebration with something sweet! You all know I’m a fan of messy, sugary birthday celebrations!


Updated to include some favorite photos from Draco’s 2 year old photo shoot!

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