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As a family photographer, there are three styles I incorporate into my photo sessions: posed portraits, documentary , and lifestyle photos.

Obviously, with a posed portrait, everyone will be smiling at the camera. Cheese! If you are spending money on a photographer, you probably want at least one fantastic, posed portrait. These photos tend to have the least amount of emotion. So, you can bet I’ll be jumping around like a fool to get some real smiles at least!


Documentary photography is all about taking pictures without influencing the subject or setting. You want to capture a true representation of the people and place. At a minimum, I’m going to pick out the best spot for you to stand for a good backdrop. So, there is never really true documentary photography going on at one of my family sessions. If you hire me as a birth or event photographer, I’ll likely spend a good deal of time playing fly on the wall and scanning the room as those true candid moments unfold.

Lifestyle photos are my jam.

My favorite moments are the ones where you and your kids are being goofballs and laughing up a storm. You know the ones I’m talking about. When you look at those photos, you can still hear the laughter in your head!


I’ve always been a fan of lifestyle photography. It is this wonderful blend of genuine moments and artistic portraits. My absolute favorites are when you are looking into each others eyes, truly connecting, and unable to stop giggling.

Even when clients value candid photos, they still want that perfectly posed shot. I try to get that picture out of the way early on. But, because real smiles don’t happen when they say cheese, I’ll get posed pictures while you play, too.

You’ll often hear me shout out, “Nobody look at the camera!”
And then the occasional, “Okay, everyone look right here!”


While I’m totally in my element getting fun action shots, I’m happy to give more direction. Here are a few things I’m aiming for:
I should be able to see everyone’s face.
Nobody should be caught in an awkward or unflattering position.
Everyone should look engaged and happy.
I’m a big fan of action shots. Playtime!
If not HAPPY, I want there to be some kind of emotion that makes that image priceless.

Sometimes this can take some patience and repetition, but it’s so worth it! As I’ve realized how much people love those slightly staged pictures, my style has evolved. I guess I’m a lifestylish photographer.


Because time is limited, I’ll sometimes tell my families to turn and laugh at the person next to you. Sure, that feels forced, but the pictures can be so much fun! And fake laughing at someone almost always results in real laughter. My extended family sessions tend to include far more posed pictures. So, you can bet I’ll have you fake it to make it even if just to loosen everyone up.


Since I started including a proofing album in my session fee, I always get to see your favorite images. You receive a robust album of minimally-edited images to pick out those pictures that really speak to you. I then work my editing magic to create masterpieces you’ll be excited to show off. I’ve noticed that the fewer images purchased, the more posed pictures clients tend to select. You still really want those posed shots, don’t you!


Gah! So CUTE! What parent wouldn’t need to have this kind of picture on their wall?!?

Here are a few more posed pictures of these cuties.


I also like to take pictures of those sweet details you never want to forget. But, these pictures tend to go in your complimentary album since editing tends to be pretty quick.


Over time, my style has evolved to be more of a hybrid of portrait photography and lifestyle poses.

And the more involved I am in getting those smiles, the more this naturally happens. Mid play, one or more people will be beaming at the camera and those shots are too sweet to resist.


I have an endless arsenal of fun activities to keep you moving and laughing. But, there is often someone looking over at me and absolutely glowing. I can’t say no to that!


As you look through my portfolio on, you will mostly see lifestyle photos. But ,there is a wide variety of photos that you’ll get to choose from.



One thing I’m pretty confident about is that you will all be pretty tired by the time I’m done with you!

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