Wildcat Park | Manhattan, Kansas

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Whether you are looking for a location with lots of trees, water, beautiful Fall colors, Wildcat Park is a fantastic spot in Manhattan, KS for your photo session pretty much year round.

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There is a wide variety of rustic backdrops at Wildcat Park. But, even if we were to just stay on the main path close to the parking lot, I’m confident you won’t be disappointed! It’s such a pretty spot!

Wildcat Park in Manhattan KS

A few hundred feet beyond the parking lot, you’ll find what is probably the prettiest bridge in the Manhattan area. The stones are secure, but keep an eye on those littles since there is no guard rail and there’s quite a drop. I want you to feel safe, so never do anything you aren’t 100% comfortable with. There are always plenty of super safe options!

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Bridge at Wildcat Park

The trees arch over the path beautifully as you pass the bridge. There is lots of shade at Wildcat Park. So, it’s a great location if you can’t schedule your photo session first thing in the morning during the recommended evening hours.

Scenic Wildcat Park

Follow this path and you’ll discover a lovely campground lined with rows of trees and tallgrass. This is a great spot to let your kids safely roam. We’ll get some great pictures of them in action!

Campground at Wildcat Park
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Safe Manhattan KS location for kids

My favorite part of the park is yet to come! There’s a bit of a steep slope to get down to the creek, but it’s such a beautiful spot. And it’s great for those photo sessions earlier in the day while we’re still avoiding the harsh sunlight.

Best location in Manhattan KS for Wildcat Creek

During the Summer, there’s all kinds of fun to be had at Wildcat Creek! Lose the shoes and get in. I love water pictures!

Wildcat Creek, Manhattan, KS

Are you as in love with Wildcat Park as I am?

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