Sunflower Fields in Kansas | Little Leapling Photography


Find out why wild sunflower fields are better for your professional pictures.


I won’t deny that it’s a wonderfully unforgettable experience to visit one of the large sunflower fields in Kansas. I’ve not made it to all of these, but I’ve heard that Britt’s Farm, A&H Farm, Grinter’s Farm, and the new Peterson Sunflower Trails are all beautiful.

But, for always beautiful family pictures, I’ve found that the less popular wildflowers that pop up throughout the region are far better.


If you have your heart set on those massive sunflowers, there are plenty of photographers who will meet you out at one of the farms. But, if you care more about artistic, well-lit, fun family photos, I will be focusing all of my energy on these wildflowers sessions starting in 2021.


At the big sunflower fields in Kansas hosted by area farms, timing is important. You’ll want to get out there before the sun gets too high in the sky or late in the evening for that awesome golden light.

Of course, that’s also when every other photographer in the area is trying to stake out the best possible spot. If you try to get pictures between 9am and 7pm that time of year, it’s difficult to get nice lighting because the sunflowers are all facing directly into the sunlight. So, if you want the front of the sunflowers smiling for your pictures, you’ll be facing directly into the sunlight, too. Don’t forget your sunglasses!

I brought about a dozen families to my new favorite spot for the wild sunflowers in 2020. There were never any other people to dodge and there was excellent shade to work with. There’s also no shortage of wild sunflowers in this area, so it was just me and my happy families!


Are you curious what my pictures from Britt’s Farm look like?

I can certainly take beautiful pictures at the farms, but my clients and I were more comfortable and relaxed with the wildflowers. I can also be far more flexible with session times!


So, where are the wild sunflower fields in Kansas?

They are all around you. You’ll see these happy little flowers growing in clusters off the side of the highway. But, obviously, you’ll want to find some place safer than that. There’s roughly a 2-3 week window when the sunflowers are at their peak. They get pretty sad and weepy after that point. I encourage you to go for a drive around your area in late August to pinpoint some of these colorful clusters of happiness.


Little Leapling Photography will again offer limited Sunflower sessions toward the end of August or start of September in Manhattan, KS.

Make sure to reach out in July to get on my calendar!