#LovingLife | Little Leapling Photography


Toward the end of 2015, I realized that I wasn’t sharing pictures of my own kids, anymore. As a professional photographer, it was important to me that even those pictures represented my skill and passion. The #LovingLife project forced me to make that time for the pictures of my own kiddos. Here’s a brief video describing my #LovingLife series.



#LovingLife366 was the Leap Year album that kicked off this fun project. I’ve discovered that the secret to getting great pictures of my kids is to stop asking them to cheese for my camera. We get out there and have fun! I love photographing those real moments and crazy action shots. That’s what I want to do for your family!

Since I do not get to see my kids every day anymore, I’ve had to fudge things a bit to represent each day of the year, but you can still join in the fun in my #LovingLife2017 #LovingLife2018 , and#LovingLife2019 albums!


In addition to framed pictures, canvases, and some metal prints, I’ve made 8×8 books, calendars, magnets, and puzzles for my kids to enjoy.

My house is covered in #LovingLife happiness and yours should be, too!

Don’t be limited by tradition. I’ve got loads of fun ideas to shake things up and capture your family’s love and laughter. We’ll get those posed pictures, but the emotion is in the connections and movement.


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Where is the next adventure, friend?