Your Favorite Family Photographer!


I’m ready to become your favorite family photographer!

You COULD jump around and use a different photographer each year. Or you can enjoy the many benefits of sticking with the same photographer year after year. From the time you inquire with me, my goal isn’t to just plan this one photo session. I want to be your long-term family photographer.

Five years ago this month, I took this picture.

2013 family photo session

I had only been charging for photo sessions for a few months.
This awesome family trusted me with their most precious memories and they have stuck with me ever since.

Favorite photographer for family portraits

I absolutely love capturing families as they grow and it definitely helps us get great pictures.

The parents know what to expect throughout the process.
The kids already know me, so there is no warming up period.
I know what your favorite pictures are going to be and will take more of those gems.
I truly feel like I’m part of the family and everything just clicks.

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I’m so used to the fast pace of goofing around with the kiddos while slipping in instructions and tips that I felt like I was hardly doing anything during this most recent session. They already knew all of my tricks and what was coming next.

photographers great with kids

So, a big thank you to the amazing Wanklyn family for sticking with me as I have grown as a photographer. It has been an honor to capture the growth and giggles and I look forward to getting my camera on you again soon!

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Nope, we’re not going to forget those traditional portraits, but we are still going to document those personalities!

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Dig into my family portfolio here!

Just for fun, here are more of this beautiful family’s portraits over the years!

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It’s time to meet your favorite family photographer!