Get ready for those ovaries to twitch and ache!
Sweet William was absolutely perfect for his newborn session.

Check out these newborn photo tips and enjoy highlights from this newborn gallery!

The number one tip I can give you going into your newborn photography session is to RELAX. Your little one is going to pick up on your mood. You are already exhausted, healing, and possibly self-conscious. If you have older kiddos, you are likely nervous about how they are going to behave.
But, you’ve chosen a photographer with loads of experience, endless empathy, the ability to make you look amazing, and a passion for what she is doing.
Your ornery toddler does not bother me in the least! I have NEVER needed to ask a parent to control their little, wild child. And I have had some that literally attacked me and my camera. I know how to connect with them. I know how to push that reset button. I know how to pique their curiosity. Does that mean I’m going to get that Pinterest perfect pose you’ve been dreaming about? Maybe not (but maybe!). But, I am 100% confident that I can do at least as good a job as any other professional photographer and I’m excited to redirect your attention to how incredible your family is.

I am going to focus on best utilizing the available light in your home, removing unwanted distractions from the background, keeping you relaxed and comfortable, making sure your babies are all safe and happy, creating natural interactions for your whole family, and holding a pleasantly stress-free pace for your session.

All I want you to focus on is soaking in all those newborn cuddles and bonding with your loves. Lifestyle photo sessions in your home allow us to just go with the flow, taking plenty of breaks to change diapers nurse your baby, get snacks for everyone else, let your hyperactive minions to run off energy, or anything else that allows us to keep everyone happy.

I’m excited to be your newborn photographer and have no doubt you’ll be calling me back for those updated family photos soon!

View my full Newborn Prep Guide for more tips.

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Let’s start planning your newborn session!