Get ready for those ovaries to twitch and ache!
Sweet William was absolutely perfect for his newborn session.

Check out these newborn photo tips and enjoy highlights from this newborn gallery!

Tips for your Newborn Photo Session

The number one tip I can give you going into your newborn photography session is to RELAX. Your little one is going to pick up on your mood. You are already exhausted, healing, and possibly self-conscious. If you have older kiddos, you are likely nervous about how they are going to behave. Take a deep breath, let it go, and go with the flow.

Let me know of any must-have pictures, but be prepared to let your newborn decide what we do. You are choosing a lifestyle photographer for a reason. You want those real moments. We can spend an hour determined to pull off a specific pose or we can take dozens of sweet snuggling pictures during that time. Posing your baby over and over can be super stressful. And that isn’t at all necessary to capture those adorable details. I know what it’s like to have your heart set on a specific image. But, the sooner you give up control, the more amazing your experience AND your pictures will be.

You’ve chosen a photographer with loads of experience, endless empathy, the ability to make you look amazing. Trust me!

Think simple and clean. Open up those blinds, clear clutter from you counter tops, and let me work my magic. I am going to focus on best utilizing the available light in your home and can pull off a full session with just one window if need be. 

Warm things up. Your baby was just evicted from the perfect mama sauna and keeping your house warm enough can have a huge impact on how fussy he is. I recommend setting your thermostat at 80F. We can lower the temperature a bit if your itty bitty is staying asleep and cozy.

Keep the focus on your baby and your family’s connections. A lot of people feel the need to doll up their little one and oftentimes will overdo their own outfits, as well. Less is more. Simple, light, neutral-colored outfits are the least likely to compete with those wonderful moments. A light, solid-colored swaddling blanket is often better than that adorable newborn outfit. We want to focus on emotions, not cute clothes and over-sized bows. 

Take a look at your hands as they will be in a lot of pictures. Use some lotion, touch up or remove nail polish, trim your nails, and remember to remove any bulky watches and hairbands from your wrist before I arrive so there is no imprint.

Lifestyle photo sessions in your home allow us to just go with the flow. We can take as many breaks as needed for you to take care of your kiddos. Also make sure you are taking care of yourself. You just had a baby! Stay fed and hydrated and let me know if any poses I suggest are uncomfortable. You should never do anything that hurts or feels unsafe.

View my full Newborn Prep Guide for more tips.


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