Sibling Love

One of the images that I am always determined to get during a family session
is a fantastic siblings capture. It’s all about the sibling love!

sibling love sweet siblings  adult siblings

As friends and loved ones come and go throughout our lives, these are the people who have truly got our backs.

So, this Valentine’s Day, I want to celebrate the greatest love of all! Sibling Love!

I have three and a half siblings and I do not have nearly enough pictures of us together. We have been spread across the country since I was 13 years old. The number of times we’ve all been together at the same time can probably be counted on one hand. The number of pictures of us all together? Let’s just say that I’m doing my best to increase that number.

When my husband walked out and everything fell apart in my life a year and a half ago, three people really stepped up. Misty, Alissa, and Jamey (sorry, bro, I still can’t call you James!) were my rocks. I probably talked to all three of them daily for the first month of that disaster.


This is the most recent picture of the four of us (plus our daddy!).

I had not seen my oldest sister in four years!
But, when she realized how alone I was, she found someone to watch her four kids and jumped on the next flight to the Little Apple.

Now, that’s some wonderful sibling love!

Tammy Karin and Misty Karin

My younger brother has this innate way of knowing when I am really hurting or scared. He somehow manages to always call me when I need it most.

Tammy Karin and James Karin
My middle sister has always been my biggest supporter. She brought me along when she went out with her friends. She constantly raised me up even when as young musicians, I was making it into the same competitive ensembles as her. Alissa has bragged about me as an artist my whole life and shouted my praise every chances she has gotten.

This Valentine’s Day, I want to give a shameless shout out to my big sister,
Alissa Karin Shirah.

She recently published a book that is centered around the main theme in my life right now, which as a newly divorced mom of three, is rediscovering myself and learning to love myself. It was an honor to be one of this book’s early editors. Unfortunately, my life became too insane and I had to pass up on the opportunity to do the cover’s artwork. I would have loved that! Next time, Sis!

Go check¬† out my amazing sister’s new book right now!

Going Home by Alissa Shirah

In this inspirational young adult novel, a teenager embarks on a journey of self-discovery where she learns about the power of unconditional love and forgiveness.

You can follow her on Facebook, too!

Now please go call your siblings this Valentine’s Day because THAT is where true unconditional love will always be.

I know that I will be hiring a professional photographer the next time the four of us are all in one place! Looking for a great photographer for your next round of sibling photos? Look no further!