Your Manhattan, KS Newborn photographer
meets triplets Quinn, Etta, and Redding

These sweet triplets spent 54 days in the NICU after they were born at 29 weeks and 2 days gestation.


Etta was the biggest of the three, weighing in at 3lb 7oz. 
Redding and Quinn are identical twins who weighed 3lb 2oz and 2lbs respectively. Two months later and they are each still under 7lbs!

babies in a basket

When I was asked to photograph newborn triplets, I jumped at the opportunity! As the day of the session neared, I decided to take some time to look into special poses for newborn triplets, but I didn’t expect to do much in the way of posing since these little ones were 2 months old
despite being just barely 40 weeks gestation.

triplet love

The morning of their pictures, one of my birth clients let me know she was in early labor. Things were going slowly enough and the hospital was close enough, that I went ahead with my plans. I did start getting a touch nervous, though.
What was I about to walk into?
When I arrive at a newborn session, I never know what to expect, but I assumed this would be three times the uncertainty.

Would you believe all three of them were asleep when I got there???

baby feet

Ahhhhh! Just look at all of these tiny toes!

baby toes


babies in a basket triplet pictures Manhattan KS triplets

Getting shots with all three babies looking asleep was a bit tricky and I admit to a little Photoshop magic to pull it off. 

Redding Etta

Hey there, little guy!

Quinn Natural light photographerParents of triplets

The triplets started to get a bit fussy at this point, which ended up working out just fine because I got called into a birth that was suddenly progressing very quickly a short drive away.

We scheduled another hour’s worth of pictures for that weekend when big brother would also be home! I’m so glad it worked out that way!

Manhattan photographerstriplets with family 10 year old and triplets manhattan newborn photographer twin brothers triplet family pose
The babies certainly had their fussy moments. There was this awesome trick that Mom and Dad kept using that they learned in the NICU. We did the pacifier pull for a lot of these shots, but the real secret was in the sugar. They were given these little plastic dispensers with sucrose in them.
A couple drops in babies mouth and it was like magic! They just fell right to sleep! Now, why those aren’t given to every Mom and Dad is beyond me, but I need to get my hands on some of that sweetness.

Quinn, Etta, Redding triplets with sibling proud brother

Pretty much everything we had done up to this point was more posed than I’m used to for a lifestyle session, so we decided to move into the bedroom for some more laid back captures.

proud parentsLifestyle triplet sessionIn home triplet session

Hands full and hearts fuller, wouldn’t you say?

Hands Full Hearts Fuller

This is how I picture myself if I had triplets!

mom of triplets

Congratulations to this beautiful family!

family with triplets

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