40 year old Cake Smash

Tamara E Karin

Today is the last day of my 30’s…

40 year old cake smash

and I am totally cool with that.

After 39 years in this body, I’ve accepted who I am. I’m not perfect nor will I ever be, but I aim to live life to the fullest!
My skin is sagging and I can now do a fairly awesome Roger Rabbit “Puhleeeeease Eddie” impersonation on the right side. If I tilt my head to the right, I can ALMOST get things vibrating just so out of my left cheek.
I’ve decided that my wrinkles take me from cute and innocent to sweet and reliable, and dare I say intelligent in most people’s eyes. (That said, I couldn’t help but to “soften” things a little bit in Photoshop. If I’m going to edit the pictures, I might as well put my skills to use!).

Bring on 40!

I’ve pretty much been counting down the days until my 40th birthday for the past year and a half, but I didn’t get excited about the possibilities until a few months ago. My youngest daughter was born on Leap Day 2012…she is my Little Leapling. When she turned four and we celebrated her first real birthday this year, I let her have another cake smash photo session in my studio.

cake smash photography cake smash fun

While Kaia was diving into her personal mountain of sugar, my 8yo daughter asked if she could have a cake smash, too.
I laughed and said nope…hmmmm, but I could….

That’s it! I’m having a 40th birthday cake smash!

Heck, the pictures will probably go viral! My birthday isn’t for a few months, so I have plenty of time to plan. I need to make a tutu, find some fun props…this will be AWESOME!

Of course, about a month ago, the first adult cake smash (in recent memory anyhow) went viral. Those pictures ended up on Good Morning America! Well dangit! What a bummer! Every time a friend shared another adult cake smash session on my Facebook timeline, I was more frustrated. I needed something unique.

Go big or go home, right?

This is what I finally came up with:
I had my kids decorate my cake.

kids decorating cake cake making pictures lifestyle kids photography
I set up my studio and had a friend aim my camera in my general direction and push the shutter.

In case you are wondering why I put my watermark on the following images even though I asked someone else to work the camera, here is what the pictures looked like before I edited them. Plus I want to minimize people on the Internet using my face without my permission.

unedited photos

I first had him take the pictures I had originally planned of me with my glass of wine and beautiful cake (they did an awesome job, didn’t they?!?!).
Since I had changed up the plan, I did not attack the cake quite yet.

40 years old manhattan ks cake smash session 40 year old cake smash kansas40 year old birthday

Then I had my kids join me for the real fun!

They sang me an early happy birthday…

40th birthday cakeHow to celebrate 40

…before cramming that beautifully delicious cake up my nose.

cake smash manhattan ks40 birthday picturesmanhattan ks studio photography

I wish I had known JUST how much frosting was dripping off my face! I probably would have wiped more of it off. EW!
It was like a mud mask (my face was actually super smooth after I washed it off in case you are wondering).
At one point, I tried to wipe it off, but it got in my eye. It stings!

40 year old family portrait 40 year old family fun

The funny/sad part is that “Don’t get it in anyone’s eyes or throw it” were the two rules I made to prevent tears, fighting, or destroying my studio.
Right after I recovered from the initial smash in my face, Annika threw a glob of frosting right between my eyes.
I reached out with a retaliatory fistful, but when she tried to dodge it, I’M the one that got it in her eyes! Oops!

Family photographer cake smash
We had to pause the fun to clean her up, but my son went right for her eyes the moment she got back and she was done.
Nathan, Kaia, and I still had fun!

Junction City cake smashManhattan KS cake smashCake smash food fight 40 Studio cake smash session Cake Smash photographerFamily cake smash session

When we were all done with our food fight, I was ready for a nap.

adult cake smash

Happy Birthday to me! Bring it, 40!

Cake smash sessions are for anyone young at heart! Let’s plan the fun!
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