Manhattan, KS Birth & Family Photographer

Here is your chance to add gorgeous works of art to your collection of pregnancy selfies.
You’ll look back and rather than get distracted by the dirty bathroom mirror, you’ll see nothing but beautiful belly, your adoring family, and that dazzling pregnancy glow.

Maternity pictures are most often taken between 30-37 weeks of pregnancy.
Don’t wait until it is too late! Choose the maternity session that is right for you from the Digital Portrait Packages!


The simple joy and sweet calm that comes with nursing your baby will forever be a part of you.  Those tender moments deserve to be captured if only for your eyes and your heart to revisit as your little one grows and wanders with the independence and curiosity that all children possess. 

It is my goal to help remove the stigma of nursing in public; this is not something that should be seen as inappropriate or dirty. Mothers should not feel ashamed to feed and comfort their children in public no matter their age. Thank you for helping us spread the word and creating a healthier and more loving environment for our children.

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