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Remi's Birth Story

December 18, 2015 in Fort Riley, KS

Remi Lou
December 18th, 2015 at 7:25pm
Irwin Hospital, Fort Riley, KS
7lb 6oz and 19″

The due date came and went and my Husband and I anxiously awaiting the birth of our third child. Time continued to pass, and it came time to schedule an induction. Throughout the pregnancy, I had planned to labor at home in comfort, rather than sit in a hospital bed for hours. The baby, however, had other plans. The induction was scheduled for December 18th.

That morning, we dropped our 2 kids off at day-care, and made our way to the hospital. The date of the induction turned out to be a fortunate one. The mid-wife, who I had seen throughout my entire pregnancy, would be on-call until 7pm that night.

After getting checked and settled in, we spoke with the nurse and midwife about our birth plan. I had epidurals with both of my previous pregnancies, and was determined to do without for this one. With this, the induction proceeded. We began at 11:00 am.

Time passed, and my contractions failed to move past slight discomfort. It was important to me that the mid-wife deliver the baby, and the lack of progression was concerning. This continued for hours. I’ve always progressed slowly, and could not help but watch the time tick closer to 7. The midwife decided to break my water; she claimed this would get things moving. In a burst of wishful thinking, we called Tammy our birth photographer, and told her it shouldn’t be long now. For the next few hours, my Husband and I walked the hallway, hoping to spur the baby on.

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At 6pm the midwife said the baby was slightly transverse . . . still not ready to go. This was disappointing news, We were running out of time. In an effort to turn the baby, the mid-wife had me turn to my hands and knees. This, she said, would roll the baby into a better position. I labored this way for an hour. The contractions were beginning to get more painful, and frequent. I told my husband that I wanted an epidural, but he quickly said that I was doing great and I should continue to breath. The contractions continued to grow more painful . . . and then I knew it was time.

I turned around in the bed in a panic, tangling myself in the blood pressure cuff, wires and tubing. I had no time to care. The mid-wife calmly found my attention, and kept me focused on my breathing. My husband was by my side helping me relax until the midwife called him to help deliver our baby. After a few pushes, our little girl was born. We waited nine months to find out the sex, and at 7:25 pm on December 18th, we got out answer. My husband placed her on my chest, and we were instantly in love! This birth, like my others, was an amazing experience. However, the differences made it all the more special; forgoing the epidural gave me time to walk and be active, and not knowing the sex gave both of us an unforgettable moment of surprise.

Like her siblings, Remi Lou has given us memories we will never forget . . . but just in case, we have a few pictures to help 😉

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