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Everett's Birth Story

March 26, 2016 in Junction City, KS

After a full day of walking around at 8cm with no contractions, this mama was rewarded with an amazing birth story!
Congratulations on another beautiful baby boy!
march 21
Well I really thought today was the day but its obvious that my baby was still pretty comfortable because in reality he was no where near ready.
Around noon I was on the phone with my brother and noticed some tightening in my abdomen but the radio and conversation kept me pretty distracted even though a couple of them were pretty intense to not notice. Once I was back at work, I realized that the tightening was getting pretty consistent and I started timing them for the next hour and really started freaking out because they were only 30 seconds apart! I left work early and came home to get things in order (goodness knows the bags were already packed but my house was a mess! priorities ya know). While I was cleaning I noticed that the contractions were getting further and further apart. I felt feelings of relief and disappointment. Relief that the unavoidable pain was now further away but disappointed because I was so ready to meet my little Everett. I already had an OB appointment that day anyway so I waited another hour only to be told by Terrah, my widwife, that I was dilated to 4cm. But I felt no more contractions….. how can this be!?! She asked me to keep her posted on any changes but sent me home on my merry way.
And ofcourse I went to bed crying (big surprise). This day was full of just to many emotions!

march 22
Nothing! He just doesn’t want to come out yet.

march 23
Nothing! I must have made his home too comfy.

 march 24
My birthday! If I delivered today I will have had both my babies on the same day my mother did. Pretty crazy, but it just wasn’t meant to be. :/
I went and saw my midwife again today to tell her there had been no progress but she informed me that I was now 5cm dilated. So I guess some progress…. but I couldn’t tell from my end. She considered admitting me because 5cm is usually considered the beginning of active labor but because I wasn’t feeling anything and because I live so close to the hospital she said I could go home and to keep her posted. And once again, my head hit the pillow and the tears began to flow. I am ready to be back in control of my emotions. 🙂
 march 25
Another day with an appointment, another day of no contractions. :/
Terrah checked me but I told her I did not want to know how far dilated I was. I was tired of the emotional roller coaster all week. EVERYONE I knew was telling me I was going to “deliver any minute” and that “he will come so fast” etc., but here I was still pregnant! If I knew how dilated I was, I’m sure it would only frustrate me more. Who cares how dilated I was! I am still pregnant! (Now I know that I was 8cm dilated, but I didn’t know at the time and I am so glad I didn’t.)
 march 26
Officially 40 weeks pregnant today! I headed to the hospital in the morning to check in. I still didn’t know how dilated I was but I was starting to get really nervous. Nervous that the “any minute” and the “speed” at which things would accelerate would only make everything more complicated. My mind was put at ease knowing that I would be in a safe environment and ready for anything.

Once Terrah arrived she checked me and I was 8cm dilated. It is at this time that she told me I was 8cm dilated yesterday too! Apparently being this far dilated with ZERO contractions and walking around is quite rare. Everyone I have talked to has said this is pretty phenomenal but honestly it didn’t take any “extra” work for me to be this far dilated, so I don’t feel like I deserve any special awards or anything. 🙂
Geary Community Hospital
My water was broke at 9:43am and I continued to be monitored. Then I went walking. After about an hour of walking the halls with my husband, Nathan, absolutely NOTHING was happening. I came back to the machines to monitor contractions and Everett’s heartbeat. The machine said I was having contractions, but I didn’t feel them at all. (I was waiting for the BIG ones I remembered having with Liam. In comparison, these little twinges were a joke) I began walking some more since nothing else was going on and I kind of went off into my own little world. Mostly singing and thinking of everything I needed to do at the house, anything to keep my occupied because I was starting to get very frustrated. After about an hour, Terrah came and got me and suggested we start working with the breast pump, which is a natural way to try and augment and speed up labor. I absolutely DREADED the breast pump. This was one of the main reasons I came in to get my water broke, to avoid the pump! All week, everyone told me I would deliver within an hour of my water being broke, and even though the speed scared me, I wanted to knock this delivery out so I could stop stressing about it! And here we are, about 4 hours into this and NOTHING! “I knew I shouldn’t have come in! I hate the pump!” That’s all I kept repeating in my head. Such positivity huh?  In hindsight, I only hated the pump because those were the most intense contractions I remember feeling with my first son, Liam. They were awful and it was not a pleasant memory and I DID NOT want to repeat it,. But there I was, sitting on a stability ball using a breast pump. :/
Beautify Birth
After about 45 minutes there was not much progress with consistent contractions. I continued to feel nothing worth mentioning.
At this point Terrah suggested checking me and of course I said yes. Anything to get off this dreadful pump. It was at this point that she realized that only my forebag was broken this morning. She then broke the hind waters and things got REAL REAL FAST. It is now 2pm. I tried to move so that they could replace the sheets that I just ruined, and I am so grateful that Terrah was there because she literally had to catch me. I FINALLY felt my first contraction as I was getting off the bed, and it was no joke!
The next hour and 41 minutes consisted of the most pain I have ever felt in my life. I remember sitting on a stability ball for the majority of the time and I remember Terrah and Nathan just being absolute rockstars and my saviors. My husband ofcourse provided some comic relief as he sat across from me on another stability ball. I can only assume he wanted to see what sitting on one felt like and to try and share in my pain. And of course Terrah was there encouraging me and with the calmest voice known to man, telling me I could do this. I also remember feeling her comforting back strokes as I experienced more painful contractions. And even though I was in extreme pain, this hour is filled with very precious memories with these two that I will never forget as long as I live.
birth partner
The next 41 minutes were NOT fun. Terrah suggested I try different positions and I was not a fan. She had me go to all fours. Hated it. She had me go to my side. Hated it.  I was very comfy on the stability ball and being able to squeeze on the bed rail. 
I must have complained out loud because I didn’t stay in any of those positions very long it seemed, and soon after being on my side Terrah said “Okay, lets go to sitting so I can check you”. And then she said the most beautiful words ever spoken, “Okay Beth, I am going to go put my stuff on, we are ready.” 
(At the time I imagined like a hazmat suit or something…. I was very distracted with what she had to ‘put on’.)
birth photography
I was told I only pushed for 15 minutes and my beautiful second son was born. Of course I screamed a lot and yelled at Terrah a lot that she was “just going to have to go get him” but when he was finally born I was just so elated.
Birth is Beautiful
I reached for him and just kept exclaiming that he was so tiny. I think I was comparing him to my two year old at the time because he was actually a bigger baby than Liam was. He was a perfect 8 pounds and 4 ounces but in my arms he just felt so tiny. I couldn’t stop hugging him. I eventually snapped out of it and moved him to nurse and he latched instantly. These moments were intense and just so full of bliss.
birth becomes her
All the stress I put myself through the week prior and yet I had so much to be thankful for. I had another successful natural and drug-free birth. There were no complications, he was healthy and beautiful. I just felt so much appreciation and relief.
The Birth Hour
My second son was here and my family was now complete.
Everett Forrest Roberts
8 pounds 4 oz
21 inches long
3:41pm on March 26, 2016
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