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Ellen's Birth Story

August 27, 2016 in Manhattan, KS

Enjoy this amazing birth story about two daddies from Sweden who traveled to the United States to welcome their beautiful daughter into the world.
The details of their heartwarming story were featured on Huffington Post!

August 27 2016 at 01:38 PM
Via Christi Hospital, Kansas
5 lb 3 oz and 19”

There was only a couple of cars at the Via Christi Hospital parking lot this Saturday morning. We parked and though we were there several minutes before seven o’clock, we rushed to the hospital with our roller bags just to find an empty booth at the reception. We looked at each other and agreed that we really should calm down and do our best to enjoy the day.

About an hour later the paperwork was done, and we were in the labor room with Alexandra, the extraordinary woman who had been carrying our daughter for 39 weeks. We knew each other quite well by this point; we had met in both Kansas and California and we had facetimed at least once a week for almost 1,5 years.

That Alexandra was to give labor today was planned. Not because we wanted to but the doctors had recommended induction now, a week before the estimated due date, because our baby girl was very small. Hopefully she would be able to gain weight faster outside than inside the womb. However, at this moment it still felt almost surreal that we would soon hold that little child in our arms.

The hospital was surprisingly quiet, relaxed…almost cozy, at least compared to our experiences from big city hospitals in Scandinavia. And it was a relief to learn that the staff had a super professional and open minded approach. Though they were focused on Alexandra and her needs (and rightfully so), they were fantastic at including both of us too. They were perfectly aware that we were the ones who would be parents and that even though Alexandra was giving birth it was not her child, neither genetically nor in any other way.

The contractions began as planned at 10.30 but that didn’t make them less painful to Alexandra.

Though she first had wanted to give birth without epidural she decided to get some. It worked well and after a while she even fell asleep. Yet when the pushing started it went so incredibly fast!

We were not sure what to do with ourselves when Alexandra began pushing. We wanted to be as much part of our daughter’s birth as possible but we didn’t want to cross any borders that Alexandra wouldn’t be comfortable with us crossing. However, she made it easy for us by asking us to come close and participate. And what a beautiful experience it was! Four pushes and about 20 minutes later our daughters little head began emerging and a moment after her cry filled the room with tears of happiness.