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Eleanor's Birth Story

July 22, 2018 in Manhattan, KS

Bringing Eleanor into this world was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Due to past history, we expected her to come FAST.

…well. That’s not what happened. Contractions first started around 3am on Saturday, the 21st. But after building in intensity for a couple hours, once I called my midwife and found out she was on her way to another birth, they slowed down. {It’s actually kinda neat how that happens…my body said NOPE, now is not the time!}. I was able to sleep for a couple more hours and then we decided to head to a small town about 45 minutes away for lunch and to check out a large Antique mall…mostly for distractions! We were all tired of just sitting around waiting and had exhausted the “things to do in Manhattan” list. By the time we got halfway through lunch I could tell the contractions pattern was shifting again, but hoped to be able to make the trip to the antique mall happen…it was, after all, the whole reason we were there and I was on the hunt for some more vintage quilts. {spoiler alert…I didn’t find any}.

We did make it to the antique mall but before even getting through half the building, I knew we needed to go home. I didn’t want to be laboring in the middle of this building, surrounded by strangers…and wanted to make the drive back before things picked up more. So, we drove home and on the drive back contractions started getting closer and closer together again {about 5-7 minutes apart}. I contacted my midwife, by this point I knew she was back in MHK and was just updating her on how I was feeling.

However…we got home, and things slowed down…again. I was so frustrated by this point. We decided to just relax and play some games…which I was HORRIBLE at because I couldn’t focus at all. Over the next couple hours I was having contractions off and on but in a labor pattern I’ve never experienced before. I’d have some that were really really strong but really far apart. And then several closer together but super easy to manage, if not completely ignore. Finally, around 5pm everything was more consistent and I knew it was time to start assembling the rest of my birth team. {Tammy, my photographer was already there.}

From here, it all gets a bit fuzzy. I know I labored in the pool for quite a while, told Eric he wasn’t allowed to eat anything {and then apologized because I realized I was acting insane}, we laughed, I labored…and we waited. And waited. And everything would pick up and get really really intense…and then slow down. And on. And on. Looking back, I really struggled to “get out of my own head.” I think I was trying to control the process instead of totally surrendering and letting the birth happen. I really believe this is why her labor was so back and forth.

Finally, after hours of it all being really intense…I was exhausted. {as was everyone else..}

We knew at that point we needed to do SOMETHING to make a change in how we were currently working through contractions.

We talked about doing a Miles Circuit or…resting. At first, I wanted to just do all the hard work it would take to just get it over with. But I quickly realized that at that point, I could barely stand and I just needed to lay down. My midwife and her apprentice started talking me through every contraction, helping me relax, to help me surrender to the process…

And finally, at 1:14am on Sunday, July 22…we had a baby.



I always feel this unique blend of intimidation and connection when my client is a photographer. I also feel incredibly flattered when I’m chosen by someone who is passionate and experienced in this art. How awesome to be a part of Emilie’s amazing birth team and be given this opportunity to show her just how beautiful and powerful she is.
Go check out Emilie’s Instagram blog and show her some love! – Tammy

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