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Easton's Birth Story

January 19, 2015 in Junction City, KS

2013 and 2014 were such difficult years for my family including a heartbreaking miscarriage at 12 weeks, a diagnosis of Polycystic ovarian syndrome, and my husband’s deployment to Afghanistan.  I was devastated to have to put off having another baby, but I didn’t want him to miss everything.  During the deployment, I took control of my weight and health; I didn’t want my husband to come home to who he had to leave behind. I lost 50lbs, did a 5K, signed up for a Tough Mudder, and the day after he came home, I successfully finished it.  We could finally try for another baby and to our surprise, just 3 weeks after he came home, I had a positive pregnancy test!

With every passing week came another sigh of relief.  At 13 weeks, I had switched my care to Dr. Lynley Holman.  I had worked for the hospital she practiced at and watched her with her patients.  Her bedside manner was so personal, it was like she and my mom were the only ones in the room.  It was then that I knew she was who I wanted to take care of me and deliver my child.  As my pregnancy progressed, I knew that I wanted to find someone to take birth photos; I needed to be able to have these moments captured so that I could share them with my family and have them forever. My mother lives on the East coast and would not be able to be here like she was with my daughter.  I went back and forth with my husband as he couldn’t understand why I would want my birth photographed, but I had already contacted Tammy with Little Leapling Photography and forwarded the packages to my mom never dreaming she would contact Tammy and gift the session to me.  When she emailed me an E-card with the surprise I bawled my eyes out.

Sunday, January 18th was a relaxed day of washing baby cloths and packing our bags so we would be ready when the moment came.  At around 7pm I started contracting, but like I had during the week, so I just figured they would go away.  We ate dinner and got Rowynn ready for bed. By 9pm, my contractions were closer together and becoming more uncomfortable.  At 10pm, I decided to go to the hospital to see if I was in labor or if it was a false alarm.  When I checked in, they hooked me up to the monitor and I was contracting about every 5 to 6 minutes.  I was still at 3cm and 80% effaced, but they wanted to monitor for an hour to see if the contractions would make any change.  At 11pm, she checked again and I was still at a 3, but completely effaced.  I decided to wait one more hour before I would go home and labor.  By midnight, I had dilated to a 4 and was able to be admitted.  I called Seth and then Tammy to let them know it was show time!   I had asked for my epidural when I was admitted, not knowing how long I would be in labor or how long it would be before they could get to me since it was the middle of the night.   The anesthesiologist and Tammy arrived around 2am; Seth showed up not long after, but had to wait until the epidural was finished being placed to come into the room.

It was very hectic in the labor in delivery unit that night; they were already at max capacity by 2am.  At 6am, Dr Holman popped in briefly to check me and I was at 5cm.  She let me know she wanted to break my water to get things going, but they needed to wait for a few more nurses to be fully staffed since it was so busy.  Around 9am, she came in and checked me again; I was at a 6 and it was time to break my water.

With my water broken I could definitely tell things were picking up intensity-wise.  Dr. Holman checked me again at 12:30pm to discover that I was still 6 cm, but I had a forebag.  She ruptured me again and we started Pitocin.  Boy, does that stuff kick things into high gear!

My epidural wasn’t working as well and I was feeling the intensity.  At 3:30pm, I was in transition and ready to push this baby out!  Dr. Holman came in and at 3:40pm we started pushing.  Easton was posterior, which was making things harder pushing wise and pain wise.  As I was pushing, we tried to turn him, but he went right back to the position he was in.  He was not descending.

After 2 hours of pushing and failure to descend, we were prepping for a c-section.  As much as I wanted to give vaginal birth, my body was exhausted and it was time to get him out the safest way possible for the both of us.

At 6:02pm, I was in the OR getting my spinal and ready to meet our son. Seth could not be with me while they got me ready, so he waited outside of the OR.  Time felt like it went by fast because by the time Seth came in, the doctors were pulling him out.

Easton Russell Lehi was born at 6:43pm, weighing 8lbs 9.2 ounces and 21 inches long.  Tears of joy streamed my face as I heard him cry for the first time.  My heart was so happy that he was here, he was the baby we prayed for and here he was.  The pediatrician brought him over to me so I could see my sweet boy for the first time, he was perfect. The rest of my time in surgery was a blur.

I was brought back to my room where I would finally get to hold my baby for the first time.  I remember thinking he was so perfect.  Holding him to my chest, he completed my heart.

Easton was born ready to eat and he took to breastfeeding immediately.  After getting settled, I Skyped my mom for her to see her grandson for the first time.  What a wonderful thing Skype can be.  She cried and I cried…it was a moment I will always cherish in my heart.  Soon after that everybody left and our family of 4 began.

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