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Family Sessions

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Let’s mix it up and brainstorm some extra fun during your family photo session!

Fun Family Photo Ideas

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One of the images that I am always determined to get during a family session is a fantastic siblings capture.   As friends and loved ones come and go throughout our lives, these are the people who have truly got our backs. So, this Valentine’s Day, I want to celebrate the greatest love of all! […]

Sibling Love

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in home photography
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Gift cards for professional photography could be one ofthe best ways to say I love you to someone special! I love when I’m contacted with the request to purchase a gift card for a friend or family. I cannot think of a better gift to give someone at any stage of life. As important as […]

Gift Cards | Manhattan Newborn & Family Photography

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Congrats! You have found your new favorite Kansas Family Photographer! Welcome to Little Leapling Photography!  This little guy was so happy…AND FAST!But, I’m totally up to the challenge of getting photos of your wild child. Run, run as fast as you can! You can’t catch me! Parents tend to get frustrated, but 9 times out […]

Kansas Family Photographer | Little Leapling

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blooming smiles
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Spring photo sessions in Manhattan, KS, are simply magical!

Spring in Manhattan, KS

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Whether we are trying to avoid cold temperatures or aiming for a beautiful snow session, we can be flexible this time of year so that we can adjust to the forecast for your Winter photo session.

Winter Sessions in Manhattan, KS

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let it go
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Picture Time! Are you totally excited? Or absolutely terrified! My best piece of advice? Let it go. I encourage you to share your visions and any inspirations, but seriously…just go with it.  You’ve picked the best photographer you can find, gotten your crew perfectly dressed and spit shined, and now it’s time to trust the […]

Let It Go

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fun fall poses
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I think most people understand a photographer fail to mean that some difficult pose was attempted and she just couldn’t quite pull it off. But, in my sessions, a photographer fail means that one or more of my little clients never really warmed up to me. I tried everything, and I just couldn’t get her to smile. I realize […]

Photographer Fail

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golden hour
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This is golden hour with your favorite Manhattan, KS family photographer. The rich colors of fall bursting with that perfect light just before dusk.  This is also a crazy lady with a camera pulling out ALL of her tricks to keep three little dudes from melting down. 😉We actually got a late start to this […]

Golden Hour

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family silhouette
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Choosing the right family photographer is worth the investment. I’m happy to share some of my tricks to help everyone out when the odds are stacked against you! Just tonight, I received a private message from another photographer saying that she had just endured an absolute nightmare of a family photo session. It’s not too […]

Against All Odds

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