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Amelia's Birth Story

December 8, 2016 in Junction City, KS

Amelia Rose Grube
December 8, 2016
6lbs 15oz 19 inches
Geary Community Hospital
Junction City, KS

Lamentations 3:25   “The LORD is good to those who wait for him, to the soul who seeks him.”

The Lord teaches us to be patient and wait on him because anything to be done in His will will happen in His own time. The journey leading to the birth of Amelia Rose is a true example of that. Our journey to starting a family began in March 2013 and was unfortunately riddled with uncertainty, heartache, and disappointment. After three years of trying, heartbreaking miscarriages, multiple specialists, various medications, and a round of IVF we finally became pregnant in April 2016. As soon as we found out that we were pregnant, we decided to let our baby’s gender be a surprise. After all, God had finally blessed us with a baby so who were we to spoil the truest surprise in life?

My pregnancy was by no means easy, as I was classified high risk from the very beginning. For this reason, it was decided that I would be induced at 39 weeks. So, at 12:01 on December 7th, I went in to L&D to start a cytotec induction. When the nurse checked me, my cervix was closed, thick, and very high; but, that’s what the cytotec is for, right? Wrong. After 14 hours, 3 doses of cytotec, and constant walking of the halls and bouncing on the birth ball, Dr Khoury sent me home still closed, thick, and very high. I had begun having consistent contractions, but they weren’t painful and clearly not doing anything for my cervix. My induction was pushed to the following Thursday. Part of me was optimistic that maybe our baby would wait to come the following week when my husband was home from deployment for a quick paternity leave. The other part of me was disappointed that I had to wait longer still to meet my baby.

I got home at about 3:00pm completely exhausted and famished. I ate a snack and took a nap, contracting all the while, but they still weren’t painful. When I awoke, I went into the living room where my mom and sister were watching Christmas movies and we talked for a while about what the game plan for the week was; who was going to stay with me and who was going to go to work and which days. Since they were my support team and it seemed delivery was put on hold for a while we decided that my Mom would stay and work remotely and my Sister would go back to Omaha in the morning. After a late dinner I relaxed in the living room a while longer and decided at about 9:30 that I was going to go call my husband and get ready for bed. After a nice long conversation with Jacob about the baby taking their own time and waiting for Daddy to be home for the delivery I felt better about pushing my induction a week and settled in to bed about 10:30. Just as I was drifting off to sleep I felt a tiny trickle and remember thinking, “Is that my period starting?” No sooner had I had that thought when I realized my water had broken and I jumped out of bed, running to the bathroom just as the first gush of fluid came. I yelled for my Mom that my water had broken and checked the time; it was 10:45. I was still contracting regularly, but they still didn’t hurt and because my fluid was clear I decided to take a shower before heading in to L&D.

By the time we got to the hospital, my contractions were more noticeable and about 4-6 minutes apart. I still wouldn’t classify them as painful, but I did know that they were occurring and couldn’t completely ignore them. After getting admitted, my nurse checked me and discovered that I was barely a fingertip and Baby’s head was still high. So I sent my mom and sister home and started laboring on my own. Thanks to technology I was able to have my husband on FaceTime with me throughout the night as I walked, swayed, squatted, bounced on the birth ball, and the contractions picked up in intensity and frequency. My night nurse was fantastic and was right there beside me anytime I needed her to apply counter pressure, give encouraging words, and let me squeeze her hands. I vocalized through the pain and moved however my body told me to and Jacob was able to encourage me over FaceTime, too. By shift change, I was 4cm, Baby’s head was still quite high, and I was running on fumes. My contractions were starting to become less regular and I was having a hard time standing upright between them. I felt drugged with exhaustion. I hadn’t had more than 2 hours sleep since 10:00pm Tuesday morning and it was now Thursday morning. I knew that in order to get my baby out safely I needed to rest, so I asked for an epidural.

The epidural was in and started working just as my Mom and Sister showed up about 10:00. Dr Khoury came in to check me and I was still 4cm. He started Pitocin, said to rest and that he would be back at noon. I took a nap and was pleasantly surprised when he came back to check me just before noon and I was complete except for a lip. But, Baby was still pretty high, so I took the next hour to “labor down” with my amazing nurse, changing positions every few minutes. As I “labored down” my birth team took guesses on gender and weight. It was a pretty overwhelming guess for an 8lb boy.

When Dr Khoury came back a little after 1:00, I was ready to push. As things were getting set up, we called Jacob back and set the IPad on the table right next to me so that he could see our baby born and continue to encourage me through the rest of my labor. I pushed for 20 minutes. I was able to feel the pressure of every contraction so that I could push efficiently and was even able to feel the top of my Baby’s head as she was crowning. It was that moment, when I felt the top of her head that I became overcome with emotions and really believed that becoming a Mom was finally happening to me.

At 1:39pm on December 8th, I heard my Baby’s first cry as Dr Khoury exclaimed that we had a little girl! She immediately went to my chest and took the world in with her big blue eyes. We delayed cord clamping until it had completely stopped pulsing and her first two hours of life were spent skin to skin and nursing.

Becoming a mom was the greatest moment of my life. And the fact that Jacob could be there for the entire labor, delivery, and hours after was absolutely priceless. All the struggles we went through to get to that point seem so miniscule compared to the joy and elation we felt getting to finally hold our Amelia Rose. She is completely worth the wait.

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