Lifestyle Photography

Manhattan, KS Birth & Family Photographer

Very few of the pictures I take of my own kids are posed. Whether it’s a soccer game, a day at the pool, or just hanging around the house, these are the moments I want to remember.

Growing up with a momtographer, these kiddos have learned that it’s best to just make with the smiles when it’s family portrait time, but fortunately, they seem to really want me getting those action shots. I’m sure they love the attention, but they are also often just as excited as I am to see what we captured.

I’m surprised that I don’t get more themed lifestyle photography inquiries. All of my photo shoots certainly have that lifestyle element built in, but I’m talking about the special shoots like sledding or building a snowman, jumping in puddles, a trip to the playground or zoo.

What about at home? How fun would the pictures be from a family game night, a pillow fight, or baking a cake together?

I personally have a whole collection of photo books of these types of themed lifestyle sessions of my kids. They are my favorite pictures and the kids absolutely love the books and stories within.

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